Thursday, March 30, 2023

World Bank: India’s Life Cycle of Working Women Score Drops to 74.4

India received a 74.4 on a World Bank index measuring the life cycle of a working woman because its legislation impacting the wage, pension, and property rights of Indian women do not match that of Indian males.

Women’s equality with men across all eight variables is defined as 100 in the World Bank’s Women, Business, and the Law 2023 study. Of the 190 economies included for the ranking, only 14 (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden) received a perfect score of 100.

According to the research, India is among the best countries for women in terms of rules governing their ability to choose whether or not to participate in the workforce, the ease with which they can get married, and their freedom to travel. When compared to other countries, India is behind the curve on a number of fronts, including equal pay for equal work, less restrictions on women owning and operating businesses, equal distribution of assets and retirement benefits, and equal access to the workforce for mothers after giving birth.

When it comes to legislation that affect women’s salary, India fares very poorly. According to the report, India may increase its pay gap with the West by requiring equal pay for equivalent work and granting women the same access to nighttime and industrial employment as males.

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