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The uplifting and motivating life story of Malavika Hegde

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We have all heard of and been to Café Coffee Day. CCD, or Café Coffee Day, is one of the best companies to have originated from a household. The coffee industry initiative CCD, founded by entrepreneur VG Siddhartha, transformed India’s coffee culture. However, after Siddhartha’s untimely death, everyone questioned how things would turn out given the amount of debt that had amassed. The task was taken on by VG Siddhartha’s wife Malavika Hegde. She has dispelled all rumours while raising two boys on her own and prevented CCD from vanishing.

Malavika Hegde, a formidable woman, is in charge of this wonderful endeavour. Malavika Hegde is the current proprietor of Café Coffee Day and the daughter of former Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna. She has been the lone non-board member for the company for many years, and she picked up the model rapidly. She told the employers that she would significantly reduce the debt levels when she took over as CEO.

Early Years and Family

In Bengaluru, Karnataka, Malavika Krishna was born in the year 1969. She continued her early schooling there at a neighbourhood school. She thereafter continued on to Bangalore University to study engineering. She is a member of the Vokkaliga tribe. Her father is a well-known politician in India. Major social activist, her mother. She also has a younger sister who works in business, Shambhavi Krishna. Malavika and VG Siddhartha had two sons, Eshaan and Amartya, after their 1991 wedding.

After her wedding, she started working in the coffee industry right away. She served on the CCD board early on, but she wasn’t an executive board member.

She’s Educated

Malavika Hegde, the CEO of Café Coffee Day, finished her education at a private school in Karnataka and has an engineering degree. After getting married, she began her own business and found success. She is the only one who can take CCD to new heights and lead it out of turmoil. She persevered despite her husband’s suicide and emerged from the ashes like a phoenix.

President of Café Coffee Day

Malavika Hegde, the proprietor of Café Coffee Day, began her career in the coffee business after getting hitched to VG Siddhartha. Being a non-executive board member prevents her from receiving remuneration while she serves on the CCD board. She has 4% of the stock in CCD. Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, Malavika Hegde was able to settle her obligation when Siddhartha committed suicide. In 2020, before she was appointed CEO, she wrote to the 25,000 firm employees. Malavika affirmed that the Café Coffee Day tale was “worth maintaining” and expressed her commitment to the future of the business. Despite the growing obstacles, she has previously said that “my objective has been to uphold the great heritage of Siddhartha somewhere along the line in the last 12 months.” Malavika hopes to make debt-free CCD into a multimillion dollar company. Malavika wants to continue her late husband’s legacy by growing their coffee shops around the country.

Currently, Café Coffee Day owns 572 cafés nationwide in addition to 333 CCD Value Express kiosks. With more than 36,000 vending machines serving coffee to CCD customers, it is a major enterprise.

Its Work

In December 2020, Malavika assumed control of Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd. As of 2019, Café Coffee Day owing more than Rs 7,000 crore. As of March 31, 2021, it had a net debt of Rs 1,731 crore, according to its annual report. The bank decreased the shortfall from Rs 7,200 crore in March 2019 to Rs 3,100 crore as of March 31, 2020, with just one rupee in lender concessions. Due to Malavika’s strategy, Coffee Day was able to reduce its debt to Rs 1,731 crore. Despite the growing debt of the business, Malavika never raised the price of the coffees it sold. She closed down a number of unsuccessful firms and removed hundreds of coffee vending machines placed at various IT parks and establishments.

Malavika hopes to make CCD a multibillion dollar, debt-free company. A large number of businesses have shut down as a result of COVID-19. However, Café Coffee Day kept growing in spite of the pandemic. In order to generate money for their business, Malavika upholds the brand’s value, builds connections with a lot of new investors, and may persuade them that the CCD brand is significant enough to be kept. Several safety measures were implemented across the board in the network of cafés while taking the COVID-19 safety requirements into account. Due to their long-standing fondness for CCD, this made it simpler to draw repeat consumers to the cafés.

Her Capability as a Leader

Malavika has devoted her entire career to advancing the business. She was going through a difficult period since she had experienced a personal loss, which increased the strain on her job. This demonstrates her professionalism because, despite the challenges, she was still able to lead a major organisation with the utmost integrity and commitment. She wrote to her approximately 25000 staff outlining how they should go about rescuing the business from this predicament. She was able to pay off the loan once her spouse passed away, which also took place during the COVID-19 period. She even acknowledged once that difficulties had grown with time, but that her passion drove her to carry on her husband’s proud heritage. In March 2019, the business owed over Rs 7,000 crores in debt, although she was able to make progress in closing the gap.

A remarkable accomplishment was the reduction of the CCD load to Rs 1,731 crore by the year 2021. She has worked to build new relationships with investors in order to get them to invest money in her clients’ enterprises while also upholding the value of her brand.

A Motivating Factor

The woman is a great role model for other women in the community. She ended up becoming a prosperous businesswoman in India thanks to the kind of perseverance and consistency she exhibited at the most difficult period of her life. She imparts to us the virtues of patience, outstanding leadership, and genuine honesty with our loved ones.

It’s wonderful to see how she turned a sinking ship into a well-kept ship. If one has enough love, support, and passion, they can do anything. Being a single mother increased her obligations, but she continued to carry them out, making her a successful woman in today’s society and a wonderful role model. She and her business shone even brighter because of her dedication to her work. Under Malavika Hegde’s direction, CCD never raised its prices even when coffee costs increased. She did a great job of making her husband’s goal her own by working tirelessly day and night to make it so.


In India, Café Coffee Day currently owns 572 cafés. Value Express kiosks are also present. Due to Malavika Hegde, it initially enjoyed great success before slowly declining and then rising once more. She revitalised Café Coffee Day with her wit and diligence. Having something as significant as CCD come back to life under the leadership of a woman with a different professional background is fantastic, but in the end, it was all worthwhile because now we can also drink coffee from CCD.



What is the situation with Café Coffee Day right now?

With SEBI, CCD has lately reached settlements. It is currently operating at maximum capacity.

When did CCD begin?

On July 11, 1996, CCD was established in Bangalore.

What is the CCD’s primary goal?

CCD wants to stand out from the competition by providing coffee and other treats at reasonable prices.

How was the debt lowered after VG Siddhartha’s passing?

The entire world was shocked by VG Siddhartha’s untimely death. Malavika Hegde, his wife, was severely affected, but she remained resilient and made the decision to cut the debt and restart CCD’s activities. She eliminated multiple coffee vending machines that were installed in various enterprises, IT parks, etc. after studying the financial status of CCD. It was discovered to be unprofitable and that the debt was rising. Due to this, the debt was significantly reduced. Additionally, she was successful in attracting additional investors. This also aided her in raising financing and improving the efficiency of their business concept.

Who is the CEO of Café Coffee Day at the moment?

At Café Coffee Day, Mrs. Malavika Siddhartha Hegde serves as the company’s CEO and permanent director.

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