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The top five Indian women leaders who are serving as models for upcoming generations

Women have been trailblazers in a variety of industries for quite some time now, relentlessly fighting discrimination and bigotry in order to achieve success. In recognition of the unyielding dedication that women display in their pursuit of professional success, SRV Media, an integrated marketing agency with headquarters in Pune and a presence throughout India, has compiled a list of five exceptional women who continually strive to exceed limits and break barriers. These women have been included on the list because SRV Media believes that women can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Confused Genius’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shatakshi

Making the best of every circumstance is one of the guiding concepts that Shatakshi adheres to. Due of this perspective, she has consistently applied it to the decisions that she has made in her professional life. She began her career in the not-for-profit sector, and when she felt that the moment was right, she transitioned into the for-profit sector by founding Confused Genius, a digital marketing agency with a presence all over the world. The team that Shatakshi is in charge of is a dazzling illustration of how to successfully manage a branch office located remotely. Shatakshi is a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing and has been active in the industry for close to ten years. She attended the Indian Institute of Management in Indore and received her degree there. Because of the clever and honest ideas that she shares on her Facebook and Instagram sites, she has been able to cultivate a devoted audience as a sole proprietor of her own business.

Career Guide was initially established by Surabhi Dewra.

Surabhi is an entrepreneur with a diverse set of skills, and she has been working in career counselling since 2011. She decided to launch Career Guide in order to point children and the adults who are raising them in the direction of jobs that are a suitable match for their interests, beliefs, and skills. As the founder of the company, Surabhi is responsible for the development of new products, the provision of direction to customers, the establishment of financial objectives, the promotion of the company, and the management of the staff. She is a tenacious problem-solver and a fervent advocate for the advancement of women to positions of power. More than five million students in India are helped by Surabhi’s programme each year, which acts as a resource for students seeking direction in their professional lives. She has also made a name for herself as a major voice in the fields of women’s leadership, career guidance, and television education.

Co-founder of AmTrue and a woman by the name of Ichcha Ashish Wanjari.

Learn more about Ichcha, the founder of the truth-focused startup AmTrue, by reading this article. Ichcha is of the opinion that the first place to look for the truth is within oneself; hence, she established a business with the goal of enhancing the lives of women all over the world. During her period, Ichcha presented the Q cup, a device that reduces menstrual cramping and protects users from catching infections. She did so with bravery and self-assurance. In addition to providing women with nutritious and risk-free options, she intends to create a welcoming environment for them. In honour of International Women’s Day, Ichcha would like to impart some words of wisdom to you, which are as follows: “Know yourself, and then the world will recognise you.” At AmTrue, it is her purpose to encourage women to trust their own intuition, accept their own authenticity, and work towards a better future for themselves and future generations.

Being the Founder and Director of DocStokes Newz Health Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Kavya Singh is an accomplished medical professional.

DocStokes Newz Health Pvt. Ltd. was established by Dr. Kavya Singh, a former dental surgeon who went on to become an entrepreneur. She currently serves as the company’s Founder and Director. Her passion in the convergence of technology and healthcare inspired her to develop a company that focuses on improving the online presence of healthcare institutions, which she named Healthcare Digital Marketing. Because of her enthusiasm for both medicine and technology, she has been able to assist a number of medical facilities, clinics, and individual practitioners in accomplishing their digital marketing objectives. Her forward-thinking strategy has been recognised as exceptional in the field of healthcare marketing, and her organisation has been honoured with several accolades for the quality of the work that it has produced. Dr. Kavya’s success as an entrepreneur is a direct result of her commitment to enhancing the quality of the digital tools available to the healthcare business.

Ruchika Bhalla, AVP-Marketing, DASV Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ruchika is a seasoned marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in a variety of industries. She has worked for a number of reputable firms, including E-Serve International, Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai, Hutchisson, and IHC, among others, during her career. Her mastery of digital marketing, web techniques, and customer relationship management has enabled her to prosper in the dynamic business environment we have today. As someone who practises yoga regularly, she is well aware of the significance of striking a healthy balance between her professional and personal responsibilities and is an advocate for physical activity at all stages of life. She is convinced that women in India are making amazing progress in their particular fields and contributing to the growth of the country as a whole as a result of these accomplishments. At the moment, Ruchika is a critical member of the leadership team at DASV Technologies Pvt. Ltd., where she is assisting in the construction of a start-up real estate fintech firm that is situated in Noida. PeProp.Money is an app-based real estate marketplace that allows buyers and investors to book their property and earn millions in rewards and cashback. She was instrumental in the successful launch of the platform, playing a pivotal role throughout the process.

These women have not only established themselves as important characters, but they have also become a source of encouragement for others who strive to follow in their footsteps. Not only have they established themselves as notable figures, but they have also become a source of motivation for others. SRV Media has compiled this list in an effort to support feminist ideals, with the intention of highlighting the stories of female trailblazers who have achieved groundbreaking success in their respective fields. SRV Media has compiled this list with the intention of highlighting the stories of female trailblazers who have achieved success in their respective fields.

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