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Shweta Salunkhe, an entrepreneur who recently transitioned into the aviation industry, is taking the skies by storm

Shweta and Sachin Salunkhe, who are husband and wife, came up with the idea for Edge Aviation. Together, they are striving to make Edge Aviation one of the most successful and well-known air travel firms in India.

I’m curious about the number of women in this country that can be described as serial entrepreneurs or passionate investors. The answer is sadly not very many. Shweta Salunkhe is a fresh figure who is making her mark in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. Shweta holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Mumbai University, and she currently works for a number of different businesses.

Shweta’s accomplishments over the past decade are worthy of mention; she has served as both the head of legal affairs and a co-founder on multiple occasions. She has been a co-founder of several successful businesses, including OTMSPL, Anantay Infra Ltd., Eumsig Foodworks, Café Peter, Wasabi 15, Coffee and More, and Glocal Foods, among others. She has also been a part of start-ups that have developed some ground-breaking innovations in the Fintech and Telecom sectors. Some examples of these innovations include QR code/POS Micro ATM digital banking for rural areas to reduce the queues in the banks, and AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System) in North East India through a company called Tannpay.

Her most recent job is in the aviation business. After the pandemic, India’s civil aviation and overall air travel have seen increases. The market is expanding at a rate that is between 20 and 25 percent each year. Shweta Salunkhe founded Edge Aviation, India’s private helicopter services company, after seeing that air travel was going to become increasingly popular. “I can still vividly recall the days when we would travel by bus and train. It took us quite some time. But, despite the fact that there was an emergency, we were not in a position to take advantage of air travel. It is precisely what we hope to improve upon with Edge Aviation. The general public is welcome to take use of our helicopter and charter services. And nearly four hundred thousand people have used our services up to this point, as Shweta was quick to point out.

Shweta and Sachin Salunkhe, who are husband and wife, came up with the idea for Edge Aviation. Together, they are striving to make Edge Aviation one of the most successful and well-known air travel firms in India. Our helicopters and Airbus planes will be used in an effort to reach the most inaccessible parts of the nation. Our fleet of ten Aur vehicles has been used for a wide variety of purposes, including wedding ceremonies, private travel, business travel, medical emergencies, and rescue services, among other things. Shweta continued, “We aim to lower the cost of flying so that people of all income levels can have access to travel options that are both comfortable and convenient.”

They are not limited to the aviation industry alone and have instead expanded into several other fields as a group. The fields of food and drink have very quickly become familiar with the brand name Coffee & More. In response to the growing demand for continental food across the country, the company is putting forth significant efforts, which are being directed by Mr. and Mrs. Salunkhe, to broaden the scope of what restaurants and cafes can provide their customers.

Super Galaxy Sports, the forward-thinking sports firm owned by Shweta and Sachin Salunkhe, is getting ready to launch a significant new effort to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. This exciting endeavour comprises the formation of a cricket league that is friendly to the environment. The objective of this endeavour is to thrill and captivate viewers all over the world while raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging people to take action.

Blackhat Syndicus has established itself as a vital resource in the field of international business, particularly for businesses that aim to grow and expand their operations on a global scale. Blackhat Syndicus, which is headed by Mr. Salunkhe, has assisted a variety of organisations in addressing and overcoming issues present in their particular marketplaces. In addition to her work as Chief Legal Officer, Mrs. Salunkhe has been an instrumental contributor to the development of the company by rendering knowledgeable advice on a wide variety of legal matters.

Maintaining your position at the head of the pack while continuing to push the pace in the corporate world is no easy feat. But, Mrs. Salunkhe is the one who is responsible for making it possible for not just her but also for her husband, Mr. Sachin Salunkhe, who is the chairman of all of these thriving enterprises and has shown that he can successfully overcome any hurdles that come his way. Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, the honourable governor of Maharashtra, bestowed upon him the coveted Maharashtra Ratna award and the Shri Samman Gaurav 2023 honour only lately. Everyone is in awe of this power couple’s successful trip, which has left everyone else in wonder.

Both Mrs. Salunkhe and her husband, Mr. Sachin Salunkhe, have had articles written about them in the illustrious business publication Forbes, which serves as recognition for the couple’s business savvy and professional accomplishments. Their steadfast commitment and the hard effort they have put in to construct and develop their successful companies have earned them the honour that they have received, which is a fitting testament to those qualities.

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