Friday, June 2, 2023

Energy.AI is released by Tredence.

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Energy.AI was released today by Tredence Inc., a provider of data science and artificial intelligence solutions, with the aim of assisting businesses in the telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods sectors in becoming more energy efficient and thus better able to achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a result of using Energy.AI, businesses can track, record, and optimise their energy use and operational efficiency, resulting in a 30 percent increase in reaction time.

Leadership in the modern information era requires a commitment to sustainability and a sparing use of resources. Nevertheless, without real-time data, prescriptive intelligence, and automated recommendations for quick decision making, growing and optimising these programmes can be difficult. In order to assist organisations streamline operations, reduce emissions, maximise consumption, and fulfil their sustainability goals, Tredence has developed the Energy.AI solution.

When it comes to energy consumption and sustainability, telecoms and manufacturing industries have had a hard time in the past, according to Krishna Kuppuswamy, Head of Global Supply Chain Practice at Tredence. “Energy. Together, the impact of artificial intelligence and near real-time insights on resource use and the mitigation of emissions and energy hazards is significant.

With energy consumption accounting for 60% of the telecom industry’s total carbon dioxide emissions, it is clear that sustainability is an uphill battle for the modern telecom industry. One of the world’s largest telecom companies has used Tredence to increase asset performance by 17 percent while simultaneously decreasing energy consumption by 10 percent and cutting energy costs by approximately $100 million.

Energy.AI delivers full visibility into an organization’s energy consumption by providing a bird’s-eye perspective of energy usage as well as predicted insights. Organizations may now easily pinpoint high-emissions locations, assess associated hazards, and implement corrective measures to cut down on overall energy use. Effective and far-reaching choices that further sustainability goals can be made with the aid of root-cause analysis and well-considered recommendations.

“Energy.AI gives maximum value for telecommunications trying to achieve sustainability, while minimising energy emissions and costs,” explained Lakshmi Ramamurthy, Head of Telecom, Media, and Tech at Tredence. A digital-twin-powered energy efficiency solution that makes use of prescriptive and predictive ways to lessen your value chain’s carbon footprint can be implemented in as little as six weeks.

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