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Build On Click Transforms Into A One-Stop Store For All Your Building Requirements

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Building one’s own home is a dream shared by almost everyone; but, doing so can be challenging even for those who have abundant financial resources available to them. Buildonclick is an innovative new solution provider that has emerged as the answer to all of the challenges and difficulties associated with the construction industry.

Buildonclick provides its customers with all of the resources that are essential for them to easily and rapidly plan and carry out building projects. These tools include everything from 3D drawings and floor plans to engineering support and site inspection. It provides a comprehensive selection of financial and construction-related services, including construction loans and financing, design and building services, accurate cost estimates, full-service project management, interior decoration, supply of building materials at wholesale prices, expert consultation, construction managers, general contractors, commercial projects, and even assistance in locating investors. Some of the services it provides include: It is able to reach almost every part of the country due to the fact that it has the most licenced service providers in 23 states.

Buildonclick was started because its founders believed that a single software might provide answers to all of the challenges faced by the construction sector. Because we adopt the most recent developments in the business, we are able to serve our clients in a number of states with the highest quality of labour, superiority in quality, and fast completion of projects. As a result, these clients have chosen us as their partner of choice. According to Prateek Raj, Founder and CEO of Buildonclick, “We will continue to deliver great value and new construction solutions in order to satisfy the expectations of our customers.”

Ishan Prasoon and Dhruv Kumar, who were both instrumental in the founding of Buildonclick, received their education from Manipal University.

Buildonclick’s distinctive selling point is that it offers architectural design services for as cheap as 1 Indian Rupee (Re) per square foot. We utilise cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modelling and careful thinking in order to finish the building plan. We have the strongest ties to the most influential building professionals in the industry. Site surveys carried out by our experienced specialists and delivered at no additional cost to you are available. “We are involved at every step to ensure the highest quality standards, and we give guarantees that span multiple years,” Ishan Prasoon, the co-founder of Buildonclick, said.

Over the course of only a few short years, Buildonclick has provided its comprehensive range of services to more than 500 different customers. To date, the company’s designs have been implemented in over 23 states and hundreds of cities across more than 5 lakh square feet of space.

Buildonclick is the most successful online marketplace serving the building and construction sector in India. We are as open and honest as possible in how we conduct business. Our services include putting customers in touch with qualified constructors and contractors. Clients have the ability to evaluate the previous projects that the builders and contractors have worked on and make decisions based on those reviews. We are aware that fulfilling the ideal of building a home is important to our customers, which is why we work hard to provide the high-caliber construction services that are fitting for any house. This has been our unique selling proposition and the one that has contributed the most to our expansion, according to Dhruv Kumar, the co-founder of Buildonclick.

Buildonclick provides its services to a wide variety of projects, some of which are residential, while others include educational institutions, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, and more.

Buildonclick maintains stringent quality controls, and the company hires only the most qualified contractors, which helps to ensure that common issues associated with construction, such as structural failure, wall and ceiling cracks, water leakage, paint-related problems, loosening of assembled parts, poor quality material, etc., do not occur. These issues include, but are not limited to: structural failure, wall and ceiling cracks, water leakage, paint-related problems, loosening of assembled parts

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