Friday, March 31, 2023

According to the Nasscom Study, 18% of Indian startups had female founders or co-founders.

A research on India’s tech firms shows that 1 in 5 are led by a woman founder or co-founder. Nasscom and Zinnov released a report stating that 36 Indian startups with the potential to become unicorns have at least one female founder or co-founder.

The Zinnov-Nasscom India tech start-up landscape study 2022 analyses the growing number of women in India’s tech startup scene. The study found that between 2019 to 2022, women-led startups in India raised 17% of total investment capital.

Women have as much of a chance as men do, as evidenced by the fact that their representation in the ecosystem is proportional to the number of female-founded startups at each stage of development. This analysis shows that women want to and are able to contribute to the economic prosperity of the country and that there is an urgent need to speed up diversity, equity, and inclusion programmes.

In 2022, emerging regions were the birthplaces of 39% of India’s startups. At 34% in 2021, this was the corresponding figure. India’s tech startup ecosystem, which currently includes between 25,000 and 30,000 businesses, ranks third in the world after behind the United States and China. Over 1,300 new firms launched in India in 2022, giving it the world’s second-highest total of unicorns.

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