A well-known e-commerce retailer specializing in women’s apparel, particularly lingerie and undergarments, has recently fallen victim to a data breach. The breach has resulted in the exposure of personal information belonging to approximately 1.5 million users of the website, the majority of whom are women. The compromised data, now available for sale, includes customers’ names, contact details, and shipping addresses.

India Today Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), while posing as a potential buyer, has engaged with the data seller and discovered that the hackers are offering to sell the information for $500 in cryptocurrencies. As evidence, the hackers provided OSINT with a sample set of data containing details of over 1,500 website users. After verification, OSINT confirmed the legitimacy of the data, confirming that it indeed belongs to genuine users of the website.

Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated case, as other prominent platforms, including a furniture and electronic rental service and a professional networking website, have also experienced similar data breaches in recent times.

Recommended Actions for Users:

To ensure your digital safety in the event of a data breach on any website you use, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Change not only your account password on the affected website but also the password for your registered email address.
  2. Stay informed about the breach details through official sources to understand the extent of the compromise.
  3. Update payment information, such as PINs and passwords, for any saved cards or payment methods you have utilized on the compromised website.

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