India recorded 1,787 cyber-attacks a week on average in an organisation in the last six months, according to a research that was produced by the business that provides cybersecurity solutions, Check Point Software Technologies. This figure compares to the global average of 983 cyber-attacks reported each week. During the course of the previous year, an organisation in India was attacked an average of 1,866 times each week. The survey also stated that there was a 38% increase in the number of global cyberattacks in 2022 when compared to 2021. In India, the sector of the economy most susceptible to cyber attacks is the healthcare industry, followed by the defence and education sectors.

According to an interview with the Hindu BusinessLine conducted by Rupal Shah Hollenback, president of Check Point Software Technologies, the top three most vulnerable industrial groups all have something in common: a hybrid architecture that includes both on-premises and cloud components. In addition to this, at the front of the store where customers are served, they use normal digital gadgets. You have businesses that are increasingly relying on the cloud while at the same time utilising endpoints, Internet of Things devices, and consumer devices. Therefore, the danger landscape in India has undergone a fundamental shift,” she continued.

“As more and more of the nation’s infrastructure is converted to digital form, the threat landscape will inevitably expand. The digitization process only invites malicious cyber attackers. On the ground, there are almost always unethical people doing awful things. But today, these malicious actors have moved their operations online,” Hollenback highlighted. Cyber attacks pose the greatest danger to businesses in the manufacturing and finance industries on a global scale. According to what she said to the newspaper, “they’re coming in through anywhere from 17 to 45 entry points in an organisation,” which creates a greater cybersecurity risk than has ever been seen before.

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