Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sony Pictures Networks India Begins Its Path Toward Zero Waste in Landfills

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) is committed to minimising its environmental impact and has set a goal of Zero Waste to Landfill. The organisation and the content production houses in Mumbai have embarked on a drive to drastically cut back on the amount of waste they produce.

With the help of G.A.M.E. (Greening Advertising Media Entertainment), its sustainability consulting partner on this initiative, SPNI has collected and redirected more than 15,000 Kgs of waste from the landfill in less than a month. SPNI’s goal is to leave no trace on the environment by the year 2050 thanks to its pioneering sustainability rules, which were released at the beginning of this year.

In 2021, the Business began its waste management journey by adopting the strategy of “avoid, minimise, and recycle waste” in an effort to achieve its objective of sending no trash to landfills. By raising awareness among staff and instituting structural changes, the company was able to phase out the usage of all single-use plastics in its facilities and activities across the country.

This involves the installation of hand dryers in restrooms in place of single-use cutlery, plates and bowls, cups, plastic bottles, desk-side trash liners, and tissues. In contrast, SPNI has sent a specialised crew to filming locations to develop a two-pronged strategy and roll out a thorough trash segregation and recycling programme. Reusable water bottles, cloth napkins, and rechargeable batteries have all but eliminated the need for throwaway plastic containers.

All of its current shows use the same meticulously developed garbage collection and pickup strategy, which guarantees that all of the trash is gathered and taken to a central recycling plant. Food scraps are composted on-site using an industrial organic waste converter while the registered recycler collects all the recyclables for further recycling (OWC). Rather than having it all go to a landfill, the remaining garbage is delivered to cement factories for co-processing and energy recovery.

“With our focus of achieving zero environmental footprint by 2050, we shifted our Mumbai office to 100% renewable electricity last year, which helped us avoid over 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions,” said Nitin Nadkarni, Chief Financial Officer & Head – Broadcast Operations and Network Engineering, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI). With the help of new sustainable initiatives, we are moving faster than ever before towards realising our long-term goal of being a Zero Waste to Landfill organisation. Working with G.A.M.E. will bring us one step closer to our objective.

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