One young entrepreneur, Sudhanshu Rane, the founder of Moving Digits Institute, has risen to the challenge and is providing a solution at a time when digital marketing skills are in high demand. An innovative digital marketing course has been introduced by Rane, a well-known authority in the sector, and it comes with a job placement guarantee.
The course, which was created especially for students pursuing marketing-related degrees such as B.Com, BMS/BMM, B.Sc, BA, or even MBA, covers all facets of digital marketing, including social media advertising and SEO. Rane is confident in the calibre of education he offers and is offering job placement aid to all course graduates. Rane has assisted various businesses in expanding their web presence.
In 2022, Rane’s business, Moving Digits, placed more than 54 students and assisted more than 16 students in starting online businesses. Rane shared with us some amazing and motivating placement success stories. There were many stories that changed people’s lives, such as the placement of a student who had worked in sales for six years and made only Rs. 18,000 working in a gaming company of his choice, the placement of a graduate in Marathi who couldn’t write even one sentence in English and was placed in a 35-year-old large manufacturing company, the placement of a 12th pass boy who sold T-shirts on Bandra Linking Road, and many others.
Rane asserts that the training emphasises practical application and real-world experience in addition to information acquisition. The course’s practical assignments, real-world case studies, client work, and mentorship from business leaders ensure that students acquire a well-rounded education.
Many in the business have already praised this novel method of teaching digital marketing, with many referring to it as a game-changer. Another key selling feature has been the job placement guarantee, which gives students confidence and a direct route to a lucrative career in digital marketing.
What does he have to offer entrepreneurs?
Rane has continuously shown an unshakeable dedication to assisting businesses in expanding and succeeding as a young entrepreneur. He claims that only a small percentage of business owners in India are making use of digital marketing. In order to help business owners learn social media, he has also developed a course specifically for them. Several businesses have benefited from his knowledge and experience, which he has used to help them realise their full potential and accomplish their objectives. Startups founded by Rane’s pupils include Keni Fish (Fresh Fish delivery service), Satish Kargutkar’s – The makeup studio, Mahadev Yoga Fitness, Krushnatej, RE Marathi, and Nakshi Alankar, to name a few.
As a result, Rane’s digital marketing course at Moving Digits Pvt. Ltd. is an excellent chance for entrepreneurs and aspiring marketing professionals to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to be successful in the field.
Rane has significantly benefited his community in addition to his work in business because of his commitment and enthusiasm for seeing others thrive. Many individuals, especially young people who want to change the world, find encouragement in Rane’s success story. In order to give poor youngsters the education and training opportunities they need to thrive in their future vocations, he has teamed up with neighbourhood organisations. Rane’s digital marketing course is strong overall, and it is strongly advised for students just starting their professions. Small business owners who have a tight budget and cannot engage an agency to market their goods or services are also advised to do this.
To sum up, Sudhanshu Rane is a real illustration of a young achiever who is having a beneficial influence on the globe. He serves as a role model for aspiring business owners and marketing experts thanks to his cutting-edge digital marketing course and dedication to assisting others in succeeding. His contributions to society are evidence of his character and encourage others to take his path.
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