Life in her Pocket is a digital video campaign (DVC) that was unveiled by RING, the consumer-first digital payment app, which is a part of ONEmi Technology Group and currently provides over 7 million customers with quick and hassle-free credit solutions. The purpose of the campaign is to celebrate financial inclusion and independence in honour of International Women’s Day. The advertisement highlights the widespread use of digital payment methods and encourages access to affordable financial services for everybody.

It begins with an interesting movie that tells the narrative of a young girl who uproots her life and moves to a different place in order to realise her ambitions and become self-sufficient financially.

Furthermore, it highlights the girl’s life and experiences in the city by evoking comparable feelings of optimism, excitement, and trepidation that arise when we begin a journey in our lives. This is something that we all go through when we start something new in our lives.

It is anticipated that RING’s social media outlets, such as Instagram and YouTube, along with other content platforms, would be used to amplify the effort, and it is anticipated that the campaign will reach consumers in an organic manner. Access to financial services has traditionally been difficult for Indian women due to a number of factors, including a lack of identifying documents, inadequate financial literacy, and socio-cultural barriers. However, these issues are beginning to change. Yet, the rise of digital banking has enabled a significant number of women to overcome these barriers by giving them access to alternative digital means by which they can obtain financial services.

Ms. Shwetha Iyer, RING’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Head of Marketing, offered the following remarks in response to the launch: “At RING, we are firm believers that the freedom to make one’s own financial decisions is a basic human entitlement, regardless of one’s gender. “Life in her Pocket “is a reflection of our conviction in the strength of women who support one another as well as our commitment to provide these women with the skills and resources they require to be successful. When we give women more control over their financial situations, we not only improve their own futures but also the futures of their families and the communities in which they live. We are pleased to announce the debut of this campaign and have high hopes that it will motivate and speak to the hearts of women all throughout the country.

This endeavour on the part of RING is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal pushed forth by the United Nations, which seeks to promote gender parity and the advancement of women as leaders. Furthermore, this ad is a reflection of the changing environment of the financial industry, where there is a rising focus on fostering diversity, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. This campaign is a reflection of that changing landscape. In general, the campaign is a step in the right direction towards encouraging financial inclusion and gender equality in the financial industry. Furthermore, it highlights the significant role that fintech can play in driving social change.

RING will also be planting trees as part of their celebration of the increased number of women who use their services and the expansion of access to financial services. Despite the fact that this effort is a component of the company’s continued dedication to sustainability, it is also a sign of expansion, success, and financial independence, all of which are fundamental to the brand’s manifesto. The Sundarban National Forest in West Bengal is going to get some new trees thanks to this project.
About RING:

RING is a digital card and payments app that was developed with the consumer in mind and was released by Kissht. This software gives users the option to make payments both online and offline. It is a streamlined and consolidated platform that can accommodate all of their credit and payment requirements. Users can use RING to pay for ecommerce transactions, pay to merchants, pay to themselves, or pay friends and family using the service. Clients have the option of taking out a line of credit for up to 30,000 Indian Rupees and paying off their entire balance in a single billing cycle to avoid interest charges. The company’s long-term goal is to establish itself as India’s preeminent provider of credit cards to customers in their millennial generation. Moreover, RING has more than one lakh merchants who assist them in obtaining customers at the lowest possible cost. The organisation is also building loyalty and prizes for the consumers to boost customer stickiness.

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