Sonali Bhadauria’s motivational tale of quitting her IT career to become a YouTube star!
Many of you are already aware of Sonali Bhadauria’s success story, a female entrepreneur with the bravery to forgo a greater salary and a secure IT position in order to pursue her passion for dancing.

Her journey to prominence wasn’t simple, though. Let’s take a look at the success of a software engineer who became a YouTube celebrity with 1.6 million subscribers and more than 4 lakh Instagram followers. We hope the success story will be enjoyable for you.

Sonali Bhadauria: who is she?
With 1.6 million followers on YouTube, Sonali Bhadauria, a dancing star, is a YouTube hit.
To become a YouTube Star, she left her well-paying position with Infosys Limited, a reputable provider of IT consulting and software services in India. She eventually went after her ambition after spending four years working as a software engineer at Infosys.

A Dancing Star’s First Steps
In a very straightforward middle-class household in Saudagar City in Pune, Maharashtra, Sonali was born on December 12, 1989, to Mrs. Savita Bhadauria and Mr. R.K. Singh. Her father was an Indian Navy employee.

She inherited his father’s composure. She listened to radio music or danced in front of the TV for her entire youth. Her close pals affectionately refer to her as Sonalu.

Her father never encouraged her dancing career since he wanted to find a steady job. Her mother was very tolerant of everything she wanted to accomplish with her life. She graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science from Mumbai’s Don Bosco Institute of Technology.

Toward a Dream: Steps
She spent four years working as a software engineer at Infosys Limited after completing her education in computer science.

But if you want to do something, the universe’s forces will all work together to show you the way.

Sonali experienced the same thing after joining “Crazy Legs,” the dancing club and official organisation created by Infosys Ltd employees. Here, he once more began to live out his ambition.

Sonali never found it simple to keep her dual-tone existence in balance. She was, however, doing everything. After work, she took part in a variety of contests and activities.

Leaving her better offer IT job to support her dancing passion
She met Krupesh Solanki, who was employed by the same company, at this location.

Here she met her husband, Krupesh Solanki, who was employed by the same company.

Krupesh Solanki, her devoted boyfriend, became her husband. Sonali had to pick between the two for a year after her marriage because managing a dual-tone existence was getting increasingly challenging (higher package IT career or marriage life).

Finally, she left her lucrative IT position and began dancing full-time. Her husband was by her side constantly throughout this difficult moment in her life. Sonali had to decide between moving to Mumbai and abandoning her secure IT profession. Her husband gave her unwavering support in this situation. Afterwards, she relocated to Pune for job.

Create a Live To Dance with Sonali YouTube channel.
She accepted choreographic jobs for weddings. On the encouragement of a friend, she began filming her dance videos and made the decision to post them on the “Live To Dance” YouTube channel. Sonali gained a significant amount of Instagram and Youtube followers as a result of these popular videos, and her fans’ support has continued to this day. She is well known today because to her popular dance choreography YouTube videos.

Sonali had a performance during the 2018 YouTube Fanfest in Mumbai. She started leading dancing classes, and soon she was being lured back to Bombay by various contracts with Bollywood.

Sonali’s YouTube videos began to receive positive feedback from viewers in London and India. Her successful entrepreneurial journey began with this.

When videos of the Sonali-choreographed songs “Shape of You,” “Nashe Si Chadh Gayi,” and others went viral in 2017, this happened. She qualified for the sweepstakes for Ed Sheeran’s performance thanks to these YouTube videos that were widely popular throughout the world. Sonali accomplished this in such a short amount of time. She holds her dancing workshops in a number of different cities. Sonali intends to share her dancing form with people all over the world.

She is one of India’s most well-known dancing stars, with more than 4 lakh Instagram followers and more than 1.6 million YouTube subscribers. This is a result of her talent, diligence, and hard work.

Nothing arrived on a fancy tray.
Sonali Bhadauria has become a youth icon and a major influencer today. Her dancing is extremely precise and fluid. They adore her dancing style.

The entire entrepreneurial career of India’s dance queen may be summed up in this single inspirational remark, which serves as an example to many other Indian businesspeople and young, bright friends.

In addition to pursuing her goal, Sonali Bhadauria motivates thousands of businesspeople to follow their passions and reject the status quo.

Nothing has been simple for this YouTube sensation and social media influencer, but Sonali is so focused on her goals that she never has time to consider the challenges.

Dancing Her Dreams: Sonali Bhadauria
Sonali Bhadauria’s success story serves as a lesson for all prospective start-ups and female business owners.

We are all greatly inspired by Sonali. Her motivational success story may inspire female entrepreneurs who aspire to be successful businesswomen.

She shows us that the maxim of being true to one’s origins and growing from them is still quite effective. The entrepreneurial path of Sonali Bhadauria is nothing short of inspiring. We hope you discover the real inspirational tale of achievement.

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SugerMint wishes you the best of luck and hopes to follow in her footsteps as she pursues success. We hope Sonali Bhadauria’s success story serves as motivation for you as you pursue your own entrepreneurial endeavours.

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