Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spotify’s Daniel Ek launches healthcare startup Neko Health

Spotify CEO and founder, Daniel Ek, has ventured into the healthcare industry with the launch of Neko Health, a Swedish healthtech company. According to the company’s LinkedIn post, Neko is launched after four years of extensive research and product development, with the goal of creating a healthcare system that focuses on preventive measures and early detection.

Neko was co-founded by Daniel and Hjalmar Nilsonne, who is also the founder of Stockholm-based AI company Watty. Nilsonne stated in a LinkedIn post that healthcare costs have increased 50% faster than GDP in Sweden since the year 2000, resulting in an undue burden on medical staff and fewer resources for prevention and public health.

Neko aims to address this issue by moving away from reactive treatment and towards preventive measures to help people stay healthy. The company is based in Stockholm and claims to have developed a new medical scanning technology that enables broad and non-invasive health data collection.

The startup’s first health center, located in central Stockholm, offers a non-invasive health examination called Neko Body Scan. The scan takes only a few minutes to perform and is followed by an in-person doctor’s consultation to discuss the results. The scan combines over 70 different sensors to capture a detailed picture of the patient’s health and all diagnostic results are available during a single visit.

Neko Body Scan costs SEK 2,000 (approximately Rs 15,600), but the company has sold out of scans currently. People can sign up for the waiting list on the company’s website. The news of Daniel Ek’s involvement in Neko Health was first reported by Sifted.

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