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Prepare to learn, grow, and network about hemp at the India Hemp Expo 2023!

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Once the inaugural India Hemp Expo 2022 in Delhi was completed successfully, it is now time to get ready for the second installment of the distinctive B2B exhibition in Mumbai. The India Hemp Expo 2023, scheduled to take place at the Nehru Centre Exhibition Space in Worli, Mumbai, on February 24 and 25, aims to advance the hemp industry by bringing together experts and businesspeople who are connected to this developing sector in some manner.

The event, which will honour hemp in all its splendour, is anticipated to draw thousands of attendees, including business professionals, medical professionals interested in Ayurveda, and hemp aficionados from around the world.

The India Hemp Expo 2023 will offer all participating exhibitors a fantastic venue to showcase their products in front of a large audience of potential customers, consultants, and industry professionals all under one roof in order to expand their network.

Both and are in charge of organising the expo. “Our main aim is on spreading positivity around this magnificent Ayurveda Herb and letting people know about the incredible array of health, industrial, and nutritional benefits of hemp,” the event’s founder Vaidya (Dr.) Piyush Juneja remarked when explaining the main motivation for the occasion.

Furthermore, he stated, “I think IHE 2023 will serve as a terrific platform for all the exhibitors to present their brands on a grand level in front of all the potential customers and business experts.

The India Hemp Expo 2023 is a chance that should not be passed up as it will assist the hemp business grow more quickly. You will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the sector and to broaden your understanding of the different connected items and their advantages in both your personal and professional lives.

The expo will take place over two days and will include a variety of fascinating events, including exhibitions, conferences, intercollegiate contests, CEO roundtables, B2B meetings, and a gala India Hemp award. Also, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in interesting activities and win hampers.

While a long list of companies, including Ananta Hemp Works, Svadhishthan, Innovations (India) Inc, Twiee & Moksa, Cannazo India, Awega Green Technologies, Kazmira(USA), Cannadoc, Noigra, Aim Biosciences, Sawant Process Solutions, and Buffalo Extraction Systems, as well as some of the biggest names in the hemp industry, including Blazen Photonics, Hemp Satva, Hampa Wellness, Cann

Gujarat Tourism, the Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners-Mumbai, Encore, Pimcha, Trade India, 104.8 Ishq FM, Medical News, and the Vishwa Ayurvedic Sangathan are also sponsors of this special event.

Why are you holding out? Visit to register if you are interested in learning more about this emerging industry, whether you are a hemp enthusiast, medical/pharmacy/ayurvedic practitioner, Ayurveda student, B2B delegate, wellness expert, someone involved in the paper or fabric industry, cosmetics expert, dietician, or entrepreneur. To register as a delegate, go to Only a few spots are left!

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