Have you ever given your clothing any thought? What happens throughout the production process and how are they made? Have you ever wondered how the comfy clothing you wear every day is made in a factory before it comes to you?

In actuality, all of your favourite clothes begin as raw materials in the factory and undergo a number of steps on the production line before being transformed into a finished good that is prepared to be delivered to your local merchant. The clothing that is manufactured at the end of the factory’s production line is packaged and stored before being shipped to various wholesalers and distribution centres. These whole sellers then arrange the clothing for export and retail sales, where you ultimately make your purchase.

But did you know that occasionally, certain owners of clothing businesses decide to open their own shops where they only sell their wares? Given this information, another concern that arises is how challenging it must be for these clothing business owners to manage both their retail stores and the manufacturing of their products at the same time. Did you believe it was simple to break into and survive in a market already overrun with well-known names and customer favourites?

I assume you are already aware of the responses to those queries. Entering this field and making a name for oneself is quite difficult. But if you have a vision and have the right leadership and preparation, you can surely succeed in the clothing sector.

This is the tale of one such businessman who, at the tender age of 29, achieved success by relentless effort combined with fervour, inspiration, a clear vision, a clear objective, and meticulous planning. Luckshay Thakur, a young entrepreneur from Delhi, seems unstoppable and is making headlines thanks to the notable success of his clothing line, “Jai Guruji Garments and Exports Pvt Ltd.” Together with his father and mentor Mr. Arun Thakur, Luckshay serves as co-director of his business.

It is important to note that Luckshay Thakur was not always working in the clothing industry for the benefit of everyone. He is already well-known in the BPO and soft skills training sectors. One would question what drove a successful soft skills trainer who was excelling in his sector to transition to the clothing industry, which had to have been an entirely different line of employment for him. The credit for this, however, belongs to none other than his father and mentor, Mr. Arun Thakur, who had long been involved in the export and clothing industries. What attracted Luckshay’s interest in his father’s continuous endeavours was the frequent travel along with meeting/interacting with new and intriguing individuals throughout the world for expanding the business.

Since Luckshay had previously participated in soft skills, voice, and accent training, he found it to be quite easy to meet and communicate with new individuals from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. His creative ideas and friendly demeanour allowed him to effectively manage people and win over more and more supporters. As a result, a company that is now a benchmark for his competitors was given wings by the combination of his exceptional technical knowledge and skills with his father’s 30+ years of expertise.

Since Luckshay’s unwavering efforts and pure hard work allowed this firm to succeed, it has been almost a year and a half. The company’s retail location was formally opened on December 18, 2022, under the name “Jai Guruji Garments and Exporters Pvt Ltd.” For the Thakur family, this was a pivotal event, and they haven’t looked back since. His parents chose the name of their company because they firmly believe in Guruji and his blessings.

Jai Guruji’s competitive pricing and superior quality provide it a strategic advantage. A uncommon combination in any new firm is exceptional customer service along with reasonable prices and best-in-class items. By gaining the consumers’ steadfast devotion and faith in their clothing, these characteristics have established “Jai Guruji Garments and Exports Pvt Ltd” an overnight success and, most importantly, a household name in West Delhi. Its retail business, which is constantly bustling with clients and customers, demonstrates this in both its performance and its sales figures.

Luckshay has established a new standard and outlined a successful route for aspiring business owners to follow. But, success cannot be achieved quickly, and this success story should serve as motivation. We wish him and his father the best of luck in their upcoming endeavours and can’t wait to see how this business develops in the years to come.

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