Monday, June 5, 2023

ManoShala is currently providing specially designed expressive art therapy sessions with professionals in India and abroad.

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  • ManoShala Typically, we only discuss “traditional talk therapy sessions” when discussing mental health remedies. Do they suffice?

Your therapy sessions or group sessions are typically not focused on the precise issue that your team is facing, whether it be anxiety, low productivity, or team imbalance.

We first learned about ManoShala from there. Team ManoShala is of the opinion that one should not only receive the same traditional therapy every week but also something fresh. You could wonder what makes it such a big difference from your mental health companion. Let’s take a closer look:

Therapeutic interventions based on expressive art: Art is more than just a means of expression. It can also be a technique for improving your mental comprehension. Expressive art therapists are used by ManoShala, and they can help you become more self-aware, understand your needs and emotions, and find better methods to cope with stress and anxiety.

  1. Using numerous therapeutic methods, such as music therapy, drama therapy, art therapy, etc., ManoShala offers a variety of expressive art therapy techniques to help you and begin working on your problems.

The therapists at ManoShala take extra care while utilising these expressive modalities to analyse the underlying causes of the issue that is causing one to feel depressed and adopt a complete approach to the issues experienced by clients.

  1. Fully customised: The ManoShala therapists are not your typical one-size-fits-all therapists. They are entirely customised, and each therapeutic interaction is carried out in a way that only you, the client, can understand. Also, the therapist will truly pay attention to you and help you feel at ease when expressing all of your concerns with him or her, allowing you to air out all of your issues. The therapists there don’t pass judgement on what they hear from you or discuss with you, so you feel free to be absolutely open and honest with them.
  2. Qualified and experienced therapists: ManoShala employs qualified, certified, and trained mental health professionals who have been taught to offer their clients the finest possible care. These counsellors are graduates of universities such as Berklee, Harvard, Lesley, Hancock Center, New York University, TISS Mumbai, St. Xaviers Mumbai, and others.

About ManoShala

ManoShala is a mental health organisation that focuses on educating Indians about various types of therapy and introducing a fresh, all-encompassing approach to rehabilitation. For corporate training and expressive art-based therapy sessions, they are trusted by Sony India, Escorts India, Poddar Education Network, GIS, and Core Diagnostics.

ManoShala is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a more cutting-edge, imaginative, and futuristic mental health partner for your business. So why not give a trial session a try?

Make an appointment right away! You can send an email to or visit

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