Please describe your path to date and the reasons for your decision to quit your job and start Woot Factor.

I began my career in Finance and Banking when I was 17 years old and I served in various positions for various organisations for a period of 11 years. My first four years of professional life were spent with Prudential where I acquired valuable skills such as client servicing and project management. Afterwards, I joined JP Morgan’s IT department and I later moved to HSBC in order to pursue my career goals.  However, despite my long and successful career, one day I felt I was trapped in a monotonous position in which I had no opportunity to express myself creatively; therefore, I resigned from the banking industry.

Following my resignation, I desired to work in a field that provided more stimulation and excitement, which prompted me to co-found Woot Factor with a business partner. Even though I had no expertise in this profession, I believed I could accomplish anything provided I believed in myself and did not fear failure. My life over the past 13 years has been filled with learning experiences involving overcoming hurdles and working diligently, and I believe I still have a great deal of work to do.

What is your company’s USP and life motto –

The company’s mission is to provide clients with a variety of services, including conceptualising campaigns and programmes, creating and implementing entire event collateral, and giving comprehensive help. We also offer product marketing, co-created event platforms, and BTL product launches. Co-created events bring together two or more companies that do not compete with one another in order to create unique brand experiences for their respective target audiences.

The motto of my life is to expand Woot’s sphere of influence, win over foreign customers, and create cutting-edge MICE industry ideas. In turn, this will boost the prestige of the company and its overall worth. My drive to experience life to the fullest is supplemented by my fondness for animals and my enthusiasm for adventure, socialising, travelling, and learning about different cultures.

How do you maintain a work-life balance, particularly in the hectic events sector?

As a female entrepreneur in the event planning field, juggling my professional and personal obligations is my biggest challenge. In order to strike a healthy balance between my professional and personal responsibilities, I make sure to do the following things:

  • Prioritise my tasks. Because the most effective method of task management is to take care of responsibilities as soon as they emerge, rather than letting them pile up, this method helps me maintain order in my life.
  • My concept is to establish boundaries and expectations for my work in order to preserve a healthy work-life balance; in a professional situation, this will prevent confusion and miscommunication.
  • One of the most important things I do is set aside time for myself. To maintain a healthy equilibrium, I must make time for myself and engage in activities that bring me joy. As an example, yoga has had a profound effect on my life

Please describe the challenges and positive aspects of your journey so far.

In the past two years, the Covid-19 epidemic has posed a significant challenge on a global scale. Although this pandemic could have easily wiped off our species, it ended up teaching us valuable lessons about survival, compassion, financial planning, and more. Our recruitment and retention efforts have been tested in the aftermath of the pandemic, as resources have been cut and competitive pressures are intense.

It has been my pleasure to contribute to the development of the company over the past 13 years, and I am proud to have earned a respectable name in the business world via my efforts. Our company is now widely regarded as the industry standard-bearer. Being part of a team that contributed significantly to the organization’s success has been incredibly fulfilling for me.

What are the future plans for Woot Factor and where do you see it in a few years?

As the digital world evolves swiftly, we intend to preserve our current clients while also seeking for new business prospects in the next years. Consequently, we are broadening our operations to accommodate these changes. In addition, we seek to continuously develop the future of events, to enhance what we do, and to make our events better than ever before. As a result, the company will become more innovatively competitive and will be able to provide our customers with more possibilities.

What are your tips for aspiring business owners, and how will you inspire individuals to follow their passion

Passion is the key to success, thus if you are passionate about becoming an entrepreneur, you should work hard to achieve your goal. The process will require hard work and commitment, but you will be in your element when you are doing what you enjoy. Entrepreneurial success is not assured, but the risk is worthwhile. Here are some suggestions to assist you in achieving this objective:

Planning & Building a Strong Network: Strategically constructing a robust network entails more than just making new acquaintances. It is also about recognising how your relationships might assist you reach your objectives.

Take Risks: As cliché as it may sound, taking chances is the only way to discover life’s riches. The worst that can happen is that you learn a lesson or make a mistake, from which you subsequently learn. Taking chances and attempting new things can lead to success; this often offers opportunities that would not exist if the individual had not taken risks.

Constant Learning: It’s never too late to expand your horizons through education; learning is not a competition, and there are no absolutes when it comes to potential knowledge. There are innumerable opportunities to study novel topics.

Work-life Balance: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a skill that must be honed early in your career. This is a challenging task, but it is achievable. To achieve balance, you must first devote time to yourself and establish what makes you happy.

Accept feedback with Humility – Feedback is necessary for success. It is how one grows and learns. When you accept feedback with humility, you obtain a greater insight of who you are as a person, as opposed to only as an employee. You will be able to reflect on your victories and defeats, which will ultimately make you stronger.

What do you see as the future of Happy Bharat?

In Happy Bharat, women are given equality and are not subject to pay parity. Women are becoming more prevalent in all fields of employment, and therefore giving them women an equal opportunity as compared to other individuals is essential. Additionally, continuing to support women employment in a variety of fields will promote social advancement and contribute to national progress.




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