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Fork n Spoon founder Tania Nijhawan is the head of the Nijhawan Group and Nuts 4 Us.

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Because of her track record of creating and establishing lucrative health and hospitality brands, Dr. Tania Nijhawan, Director of the Nijhawan Group, enjoys high regard in the health and wellness sector.

Tania graduated with a BDS (Bachelors of Dental Science) in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry from the Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College.

Dr. Tania had a lot of focus and desire when she was young and had a passion for being a cosmetic dentist.

Her entrepreneurial abilities have helped her business venture in the health and hospitality sectors develop. Tania is in charge of the Nijhawan group’s hotel and retail divisions as well.

Dr. Tania continued her foray into business and decided to concentrate on the food industry under the name “Fork N Spoon” under the auspices of the Nijhawan Group.

It symbolises a brand-new trend in catering services that transform ordinary occasions into unforgettable experiences.

Fork N Spoon has grown into its own brand in just three years. Up to 5000 people can be managed by the creative and passionate culinary artisans at one event. Dr. Tania forayed further by launching the company “Nuts For Us” after experiencing great success and recognition at “Fork N Spoon”. Dried fruits have long been regarded as superfoods. ‘Nuts 4 Us’ is a high-end retail company that sells pure oils and premium dry fruits from all over the world.

Nuts 4 Us provides 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Oils, Premium Quality Dry Fruits, and Nuts to the Luxury Retail Market.

Tania Nijhawan and her sister are the leaders of this endeavour, combining their family’s 130 years of expertise and experience.

A carefully curated selection of nuts and dry fruits of the highest quality are hand-selected in the nation of origin.

Our cold-pressed oils made from these dry fruits are 100% natural, pure, preservative- and pesticide-free, and they embody our “source to skin” philosophy. They have been successful in developing dry fruits to meet the peoples’ expanding daily demand for healthful foods.

Tania Nijhawan is adamant that it is their obligation to share and promote a healthy lifestyle to all of their clients.

As a result, Nuts 4 Us’ dry fruit and oils are produced to the greatest standards possible for their customers’ health, wellbeing, and beauty.

For greater wellbeing, Nuts 4 Us provides a variety of Pure products. Along with finding the best products, Dr. Tania Nijhawan works to inform her clients about nutrition and health issues. They provide a variety of dry fruits, nuts, and essential oils that are preservative-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

You can achieve a unique balance between flavour and health thanks to the quality assortment of delectable dried fruits and nuts that are sourced freshly from farms all over the world and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Similarly, the diverse cold-pressed essential oils we provide are extracted without the use of heat, giving them a longer shelf life and more nutritional value.

Although Dr. Tania Nijhawan acknowledges the value of individual traits, she feels that assembling a bigger and more skilled team is more crucial.

Everyone wants their business to be successful and to provide their consumers with top-notch goods and services.

The company’s teams serve as its skeleton in this regard. Companies require powerful teams who operate intelligently and superbly.

You are nothing more than a walking dead without the ability to move to where you want to go without a talented team.

The Accolades and ACCOLADES that Tania has received include:

  • Wedding Mantra’s 2015 list of the most creative caterers
  • The 2016 India Hospitality Award (Best Catering Company)
  • Most promising partner in 2017 by Benetton; Ravishing Design Awards;
  • Accomplishment in Adidas’ 2012 campaign Impossible is Nothing

Concerning Nijhawan Group
Nijhawan Group is one of the top travel groups in India with more than 40 years of expertise and the greatest variety of travel-related businesses.

Major airlines and hotels have a history of working successfully with The Nijhawan Group. In fact, the organisation has been working with a variety of big international airlines for decades and has successfully represented British Airways for 34 years.

Since the food industry is not affected by digitization, Nijhawan Group has expanded its business into it under the moniker Fork n Spoon.

With over 1000 events, it symbolises a new wave of catering services that turned a once-in-a-lifetime occasion into a surreal experience of a lifetime.

5000 people are continually being managed by creative and zealous culinary artists at a single event. The retail and food industries each employ more than 250 people, bringing the total to 1200 for the group.

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