Friday, June 2, 2023

Collaboration between corporations and the government to support Indian startups: Chandrasekhar

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Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, stated that there is an urgent need to improve collaboration between businesses, the government, academic institutions, and startups so that the nation’s talent pool may continue to innovate and develop solutions to address real-world issues.

In his speech at the CII Startups Summit at a session titled “Unlocking Innovation Through Corporate Startups Engagement,” the minister placed special emphasis on enabling startups through corporate and governmental collaboration.

Chandrasekhar addressed the crowd, “These are wonderful times to strengthen links between corporates, government, academia, and startups to help enhance the innovation capabilities of our country and the capability of the innovation ecosystem in our country.

According to him, the nation has made significant progress in empowering startups over the last nine years.

After the US and China, India currently has the third-largest startup ecosystem.
The minister said, “These are exciting times for young entrepreneurs in India as they have so many opportunities around them.”

The minister declared on Tuesday that the country’s entrepreneurial ideas will be made possible by the upcoming Digital India Act (DIA).

At a Mumbai event, Chandrasekhar stated, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is extremely clear that anything the government does should not pose hurdles for innovation in the startup arena.

“We will take this very seriously. We have no desire to make things challenging for startups. The DIA will support startup developments, the minister continued.

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