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Vinisha Ruparel’s Business Journey: Youngest Art Entrepreneur & Founder of Vinnie’s Art World

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The artist Vinisha is self-taught. Her family desires for her to have a planned future, a great job, a respectable life partner, and a completely established life.

She, however, had other ideas for her own life. She wished to live a happy life and pursue her interests. According to Vinisha, it is acceptable to lack goals. She dropped out of the CA entrance before relocating to Ahmedabad.

Her first failure in life was that. Her “city of dreams” is Ahmedabad, India, where she pursued her vocation. She was accepted into the BBA programme. Her artistic pastime took centre place there. She took part in the spot painting contest there for the first time.

Vinisha Ruparel won that competition and held the top spot. Subsequently, she took home 38 victories in both state and national events. She received recognition as “Artist of the Year” from two prestigious institutions after graduating. She, nevertheless, passed the NID Entrance Exam (NATA).

She regrettably lost the chance because she had no one to aid and encourage her in the future. She consequently lost faith in formal education.

She eventually finished her first year and was once more asked, “What comes after BBA?,” “Would you return home without any professional degree?”

She remarked, “I am not coming back,” though, this time. She had no choice but to get her MBA if she wanted to stay in Ahmedabad. She thus began to get ready for the CAT MBA entrance exam.

At the time of her graduation, Vinisha Ruparel had participated in 38 competitions in various painting styles. This gave her the chance to attend a workshop at GLS University.

She then met Mr. Nirav Shah, her tutor. “What are you doing in the Management field, being such a talented artist?” was the one question he asked her that forever changed her life. She joined the visiting faculty at GLS University as a workshop facilitator for visual arts and craft during her last year of graduation.

“Student of the Batch’16” and “Artist of the Year’16” in GLS, respectively. In the end, she made the decision to launch her own company, “Vinnie’s Art World.”

She simultaneously received admission letters from IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, NMIMS, and Nirma University and aced the CAT exam with a score of 97.83%ile! She attended the IIMA PI Round.

Of course, you’ll go for it first if you have an IIMA call letter! All of the engineers in between were from IITs. In the world’s top management institute, she was the only artist there.

She was asked the same question as soon as she entered PI and sat down, “What are you doing in management?” She had 15 minutes to sketch the Director of IIMA, Ashish Nanda.

She finished my PI in this manner, and she was chosen for IIMA. Meanwhile, she was given the chance to teach in GLS after two years of MBA.

Thus, a Permanent Faculty has replaced a Visiting Faculty. Her MBA final year went smoothly, and she received offer letters from three reputable firms.

She would now have to leave her ideal city if she joined Google (or any other 2), and on the same evening, CEPT University offered her a position as an assistant professor!

Hence, the conflict now involved me versus my loved ones, society, and GOOGLE v. CEPT University.

But this time, she made the decision to choose herself and her work! She discovered that although family members or others could disagree with her choice, she should never let her guard down.

You must establish your brand and have confidence in yourself. 14 businesses have partnered with Vinisha’s Vinnie’s Art World.

Together with her love, Vinisha Ruparel is pursuing a career. She is a member of the HOD in the business sector and works in corporate development and product research.

She has spoken at over 30 institutes and organisations so far. She held six or more national exhibitions of her work and won 62 competitions in various art contests. She holds five artistic world records!

She may now boast that her wish turned into a reality and helped her become a successful art entrepreneur. Her goal is to establish herself as a well-known artist.

Vinnie’s Art Word features sculptures, paintings, and artefacts in various media. She was never able to choose an art degree, which would have allowed her to teach people about painting and earn money from it.

“The idea of society that you cannot live one successful life with the income of art,” says Vinisha. Vinisha Ruparel advises never giving up on your goals and abilities; have faith in them! is the website.

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