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Ms. Biji Tushar Fadia: Empowering Individuals and Organizations through Management Me

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Ms. Biji Tushar Fadia is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Management Me, a personal growth company that specializes in transforming individuals to reach their fullest potential through training, coaching, and counseling. With a focus on enhancing productivity and reducing attrition in organizations, Ms. Biji’s expertise has made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Having started her career as a teacher, Ms. Biji recognized the importance of equipping students with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and application skills for a fulfilling life. Her experience as a teacher and later as a vice-principal underscored the significance of shaping young minds, leading her to embark on her journey as a leadership development catalyst.

Believing that leadership qualities can be cultivated through proper training, Ms. Biji became a certified life and leadership coach, as well as a DMIT analyst, psychometrician, NLP practitioner, GOAL facilitator, and outbound trainer. She has conducted over 350 workshops and seminars in esteemed institutes, including RTI, CAG offc, ESIC, CMSS, ACME-MEP, positively impacting the lives of over 4.5 lakh individuals, supporting 1000 families, and increasing the productivity of around 30 organizations. Ms. Biji also serves on the training panels of six organizations.

Ms. Biji’s coaching and mentorship have yielded remarkable results in personal and professional development. One of her notable success stories is Mr. Rajeev Achari, Vice President of Hitachi Payments, who, under her guidance, secured his dream job at Home Credit India with a 25% salary increase. As a leadership development catalyst, she designed a transformative 90-day Professional Development Program for four employees of an IT firm who were contemplating leaving the company. As a result, all four employees were promoted to the next position, driving the company’s vision forward.

In addition to coaching and training, Ms. Biji conducts inbound and outbound programs to unlock employees’ true potential, reduce attrition rates, enhance their personalities, improve speaking skills, and increase emotional intelligence.

Recognized for her inspirational work, Ms. Biji has received numerous accolades, including The Most Inspirational Speaker and Coach Award and ten others. Her recent inclusion in the list of Top 100 International Iconic Women and her upcoming participation as a speaker at the International Women Parliament Conclave 2023 solidify her status as one of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs to watch in 2023. Ms. Biji’s indomitable spirit and leadership continue to make a profound impact on individuals and organizations alike, empowering them to thrive and achieve their true potential.

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