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Mother, businesswoman, and pioneer in the area of children’s settings Romilla Tewari

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Romilla Tewari, a mother, businesswoman, and innovator in the area of children’s settings, is the subject of the interview that follows.

She founded Think Cutieful and My Cute Stickons and serves as its creative director. We hope that the motivational interview will help you on your entrepreneurial journey and inspire you.

What can you tell us about yourself?
As my parents have always worked for the government and my mother has always been a teacher, my siblings and I made the decision to forge our own paths and set high goals for ourselves.
After a 12-year corporate career, I pursued my entrepreneurial endeavours after earning my MBA from Dehradun.

How did you come up with the concept for your company?
My calling has always been in the areas of art, architecture, and graphics, and I wanted to work in these areas.

When my younger child was born and we moved into our own home, it was difficult to decorate the girls’ room because there weren’t many things available in India specifically for hanging pictures on the walls.

When I came across a pack of wall stickers while travelling, I immediately had the idea to introduce them to the Indian market.

In 2009, when we originally opened as a trade and retail shop, we were the ones to introduce the idea of wallstickers in India. Currently, we also develop and manufacture.

What kind of services or goods do you provide?
We provide turnkey goods and interior design services for preschools, schools, maternity hospitals, day care centres, play areas, kids clubs, etc., as well as all services related to mother and child space design and execution.

In our retail product line, wall graphics, wall decals, and made-to-order wall papers are our specialty and top sellers.

What makes your company special?
I’d sum it up by saying that we can customise everything. Our safe, eco-friendly, and kid-friendly wall graphics are one of a kind, removable, reusable wall sticker media that won’t damage your wall. They are also self-adhesive and green guard certified. It is completely PVC and toxin free. protecting your youngster and the walls.

Why did you decide to run this kind of business?
I’ve always had a passion for art, design, and graphics, thus I always wanted to be an architect.

My fascination for children and all things adorable inspired me to do this, as well as naturally filling a void in an untapped industry.

What did you set out to accomplish?
We started out with the same goal, and we still do. Children should have a dedicated area of their own to play, learn, and dream.

We want to assist you in creating that area in order to make your life as a parent a little bit simpler and a lot more enjoyable.

How many people work for your company?
We are a family of 28 people when all of our design executives, shop floor workers, and production workers are included.

What objectives has your organisation set?
To broaden our scope and take on more projects across India, we are also aiming to develop other DIY retail unique product lines in children’s furniture in addition to our existing wall design product lines.

How can you create a thriving consumer base?
We were fortunate that my early clients provided positive feedback, and word of mouth and referral business have been quite beneficial to us. Our most important clients have also come through social media.

What mistakes have you made in the past and what have you learned from them?
One of my major takeaways would probably be to put systems and processes in place as soon as possible. Don’t wait till you’re big enough or at the right stage; start small and have systems and processes in place right away.

Which person has most inspired you?
The personalities of many people have influenced me, but my girls are my biggest role models, and my mother’s fortitude helps me get through difficult times.

Which of your blunders do you consider to be the worst?
I sincerely hope I haven’t made any mistakes, but I’m positive I missed several significant opportunities by not paying attention.

What one piece of advise would you provide to someone who is just getting started?
There is no substitute for a strong work ethic and hustle, so put all into it. Take advantage of advice and support when you need it; don’t wait or hesitate. Do it now.

Does your business support the neighbourhood or society?
At the personal level, I do what I can to contribute, but at our organisation, I believe in diversity, and our first employee with a disability was a teenager who was hearing challenged and joined us in our production.

My top choice for empowering women will always be to provide them with opportunities.

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