Saturday, June 3, 2023

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According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Gallup, professionals in India who have advanced digital skills earn 92% more than those who do not.

According to Rohit Kar, Regional Director (Australia, New Zealand, and India) at Gallup, workers with advanced digital skills benefit India’s economy in more ways than just higher salaries. He estimates that these experts added about 10.9 lakh crore to the GDP.

The survey finds that nine out of ten professionals with advanced digital skills are happier with their jobs than those with only basic digital skills. There is a correlation between a company’s ability to attract and retain highly skilled workers and its annual revenue growth.

However, the majority of the businesses surveyed report difficulty in finding candidates with digital skills. Reasons for this trend include the need for a four-year degree even for entry-level IT positions at most companies. According to the survey’s findings, many businesses have begun using industry certifications as a substitute for degree requirements.

More than 2,000 working adults from various industries and 769 employers across the country took part in the study commissioned by Amazon Web Services. It classifies knowledge of email, office productivity software, and social media as fundamental digital skills, while data analysis, troubleshooting applications, and drag-and-drop website design are intermediate digital skills.

The report goes on to say that among the most advanced digital skills are those pertaining to software development, cloud architecture, AI, and machine learning.

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