Nasscom study as evidence that India has the highest concentration of AI experts.

In addition to the economic implications, the report provides insight into the current level of AI talent and startup activity in India.

Engineers in India are three times more likely to have or report expertise in artificial intelligence than their counterparts in other nations. With a digital talent pool of 1.6 million, India is quickly becoming a top destination for skilled workers.

Demand for experts in data science and artificial intelligence is expected to skyrocket, reaching over one million by 2024.

Around 73% of all available AI jobs in India are held by one of the top five positions: ML engineer, data engineer, data scientist, data architect, or DevOps engineer.

Debjani Ghosh, President of Nasscom, has estimated that by 2026, the AI-led disruption of India’s core sectors could have a gross value added impact of $500 billion.

Over 1900 new businesses Indian AI businesses are developing technologies for a variety of uses, including better conversational AI, video analytics, deep fakes identification, and disease diagnosis.

According to AI expert and author of books on GPT-3, Shubham Saboo, India’s high standing in AI skill penetration and talent concentration is evidence of the country’s commitment to advancing its technological capabilities. He continues by saying that India, with its large pool of talent and flourishing startup ecosystem, may take the lead in AI research and development as demand for data science and AI continues to rise.

While the benefits of AI are clear, there are obstacles to its widespread implementation. Culture and behaviour issues, an immature external AI ecosystem, a lack of funding, and the difficulty of putting a price tag on AI’s benefits are all cited as obstacles in the paper.

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