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How to Approach Your Manager About a Full Time Work From Home Position

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More companies are allowing their employees to work remotely. However, it can seem unworkable if this alternative is not available at your place of employment.

It is no longer plausible for a boss to assert that remote work is not practicable after the epidemic revealed that millions of workers worldwide might do even better while working from home. Although it might not be simple, talking with your boss about the option of working remotely could be very important. Working from home has several benefits for both your professional and personal lives.

It could be time to suggest remote work to your employer if you already have a job you like but need more flexibility to fit your hectic schedule. Fortunately, using the following advice when talking to your manager about working from home can increase the likelihood that your request will be granted.

1. Get ready

Planning your response and practising your confident delivery are essential if you want to have a productive conversation with your manager about working remotely. This should include outlining how each of your everyday duties and obligations can be carried out remotely. Be ready to respond to inquiries that you anticipate will be made, such as how you’ll continue to be accessible to clients and coworkers.

Remind your boss of your stellar work history with the company as well, highlighting instances of successful time management and meeting deadlines as well as past great performance reports. Give examples of your teamwork abilities and how you’ve cooperated with coworkers to complete projects. Discuss some of your professional accomplishments in order to provide a number for your performance.

2. Remove any reluctance.

The goal should be to demonstrate that you are willing to take on any new management tasks and to anticipate and address any potential issues your supervisor might have about remote work.

You should also emphasise that working remotely will allow you to be just as productive, if not more so. Basically, make it simple for your boss to accept. Express your commitment to the position and emphasise the benefits of remote work for all parties. Establish reasonable standards and deliver precise, quantifiable results.

3. Ask for a trial

Even if your manager is reluctant to let you work remotely, keep going. By suggesting a trial term for remote work, you can make an effort to allay their worries. For starters, you might consider working from home two days per week or taking a full-time position for a set period of time.

Once you and your boss have decided on a trial period, talk about what a successful result would be for the two of you. Utilise these indicators to gauge your progress, interact frequently to resolve any issues, and show them that you can be flexible and responsive to their needs.

4. Be Sure to Timing It

If you want your request for remote work to be granted, you must have your boss’s confidence and appreciation for your job. Timing can be important, even if this is generally the case. Making your request after finishing a large assignment or when your supervisor is pleased with your performance may be advantageous.

Set up a regular method for monitoring and updating your supervisor on your progress weeks or even months in advance to be ready for this. When you ask for remote work, doing so will enable your manager to recognise your value as an employee and have a tried-and-true system for assessing your performance.

Here are a few examples of emails:

Email Example 1

Dear [Name of Employer],

I hope you are well and reading my email. I’m writing to inquire about the potential for full- or part-time work from home. I think it would be advantageous for the business and myself to investigate this option given the current changes in the workplace and the accessibility of remote work.

I have regularly proven my ability to produce high-quality work and adhere to all project deadlines during my time as an employee. I am certain that working from home will allow me to remain just as productive, if not more so. I’ve created a productive work environment at home, and I have access to all the equipment and materials I need to finish my tasks.

I’d like to suggest a trial term to show that I can operate productively and successfully from home. I’m willing to work with you to finalise the details of this agreement so that it supports the aims and objectives of the business.

I value your consideration of my request and am forward to talk with you further about it. I appreciate your time and consideration.


(Your Name)

Model Email 2

Dear [Name of Manager],

I hope you are well and reading my email. I wanted to get in touch with you to inquire about switching to a full-time work-from-home schedule.

I have found working remotely to be quite productive and advantageous for both my professional production and personal well-being based on my experience doing so over the last [period]. I have been able to effectively manage my tasks while keeping a healthy work-life balance because to my enhanced focus and flexibility.

Given the continued popularity of remote work and current technological developments that enable smooth virtual communication, I think that a full-time work-from-home setup could be a win-win situation. I have no doubt that it will help me contribute even more significantly to the team’s goals.

I have made the necessary preparations to set up a successful home office setting, complete with dependable internet connectivity and the essential hardware and software to successfully fulfil my work. To keep connected and involved with the team, I’m devoted to establishing consistent contact through a variety of media and actively participating in virtual meetings.

In order to address any worries or thoughts you might have and to investigate the possibility of switching to a full-time work-from-home role, I humbly ask for the chance to talk about this issue with you further. I am open to any modifications or agreements that would guarantee a seamless workflow and preserve the spirit of cooperation among our team members.

I appreciate your thoughts and time. I appreciate all of your help up to this point, and I eagerly await the chance to talk more about this request.

best wishes

(Your Name)

[Your Department/Job Title]

Planning ahead, effective communication, and a focus on reciprocal benefits are necessary when negotiating for a full-time work-from-home (WFH) position. You can confidently contact your manager and improve the chances of a successful negotiation by using the steps indicated above and the provided advice.

Don’t forget to address your boss’s concerns and highlight the advantages of remote work, like increased productivity, cost savings, and work-life balance. While working remotely, be prepared to make adjustments and show that you are dedicated to performing at your best. Finally, remember that a number of variables, such as business policy, industry conventions, and circumstances, will affect the negotiation’s conclusion.

Maintain your optimism and persistence, and with a well-thought-out plan, you might be able to land the full-time WFH position you’re after. Wishing you luck on your negotiation path and a more adaptable and rewarding work life!

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