The slowdown in employment in the information technology sector is having an impact on campus placements at engineering institutions around India.

According to Professor Rajesh Rohilla, who is in charge of training and placement at Delhi Technological University, the number of information technology companies that visited the university to recruit students has decreased by fifty percent this time. What factors led to the rise of this tendency? According to the research, there is uncertainty over the demand climate, margin pressures, and worries of a worldwide recession.

Some companies are delaying the process of onboarding students from the previous batch, while others are either lowering pay or not visiting colleges at all at this period. The report goes on to say that this pattern is expected to carry on for the next few months, despite the fact that the class of 2023 is presently going through the second round of campus placements. According to Harpreet Singh Saluja, Founder and President of the Nascent Information Technology Workers Senate, this circumstance will continue to exist till the economy of the United States of America recovers.

Although while placement officials are aware that there is little that can be done to change the situation, Rohillaa explains that businesses who do not honour offers would be given less attention during future placement rounds. According to Anjani Kumar Bhatnagar, deputy director of Amity Technical Placement Centre, more non-IT companies are hiring students from engineering colleges as a way to compensate for the absence of the typical top IT recruiters. These firms are hiring students from engineering colleges because there are fewer top IT recruiters.

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