Finding a job in uncertain times can be a daunting task and it can be demoralizing when after trying for months, you are not getting hired. We have hardly addressed job search depression but it’s high time we do it and we need to talk about it. From tiring interview schedules to looking for that job you desire, the whole process can be very anxiety-inducing.

Anyone who has spent time searching for jobs can relate to job search depression. If you are feeling completely out of place because of your job search, you are not alone and we will be there to guide you at each and every step of this process.

Job search depression can happen when you are either out of work or unhappy with your current role. If this description sounds like you, it’s important you address it and find ways to battle it.

Let us tell you it’s quite manageable and we will share 5 ways to deal with it.

  1. You Are More Than Your Career 

While we understand that it’s important to have a job and stable career, it’s not at par with your mental well-being. It’s crucial to understand that rejections are a part of your job search and you need to take them with a pinch of salt and MOVE ON.

  1. Pursue Your Interests 

You can’t fixate on your job search. You need to set a specific timeline in a day to find jobs. To be honest, finding a new job doesn’t happen in a jiffy and it would take time. In the meantime, when you have no job with you, we would suggest you focus on pursuing interests that you have been putting on the back burner because of work tasks. Now, it’s time to take a mental health break and maybe pack bags and leave for a family vacation.

  1. A Call For Help 

If you can’t handle this job search depression and find it way too overwhelming, it’s always to better to reach out to someone and seek help. It’s not wrong to even step out and ask for professional help. To put things in perspective, you also need to understand that you are not alone in this vicious circle of job search.

  1. Focus On Upskilling

With erratic schedules at the work front, we have always had very less time for upskilling. If you are not getting hired, see it optimistically and focus on upskilling. It’s time you expand your skills and work on sharpening them. You never know if some upskilling courses might land you your desired job.

  1. Accept That It’s A Burnout

In this uncertainty, we don’t realize that we are constantly chasing our dream roles but you need to put a halt and accept that you’re facing mental burnout. This is probably the most important suggestion out of the five ways we have shared with you.

In a nutshell, job search depression is real and we need to talk about it. If you are looking for jobs, Shine can be your one-stop destination!

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