In a momentous turn of events for India’s international relations, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US Vice President Joe Biden are scheduled to participate in a historic summit with the leaders of several Pacific island nations. The purpose of the summit is to strengthen relationships with the region.

The gathering, which is planned to take place later on in this year, will be the first time that a currently serving President of the United States and the Prime Minister of India have gotten together with leaders from other Pacific island nations.

The meeting will be held online and the primary topic of discussion will be expanding the cooperation and partnership between the two countries and the nations that make up the Pacific island region.

It is anticipated that a wide range of topics, such as economic development, regional security, and climate change, would be discussed during the summit.

Both the United States and India are eager to deepen their relationships with the Pacific island states, which are confronting increasing challenges on the environmental and economic fronts; as a result, both countries are eager to offer support in these areas.

The summit is also considered as a strategic effort by India to bolster its position as a major player in the Indo-Pacific region, which has become a significant focus of US foreign policy under the Biden administration. This focus on the region began during the Obama administration and has continued under the current administration of Vice President Joe Biden.

India and the United States are working to maintain peace in the area in the face of expanding Chinese power there, and they are seeking for ways to offset China’s influence.

It is anticipated that the summit between the presidents of India, the United States, and the Pacific island states will be a watershed moment in the diplomatic history of the region. This gathering has the potential to cause significant changes in the strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific region.

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