According to the minister of state for science and technology in India, Jitendra Singh, the United Kingdom has plans to collaborate with India on the establishment of the India-UK ‘Net Zero’ Innovation Virtual Centre. The announcement was made during a meeting of the India-UK Science & Innovation Council, which was chaired by Singh and also had UK Science Minister George Freeman as an attendee.

Singh underlined India’s progress towards becoming an economic powerhouse under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The country’s technological and innovative capabilities are gaining respect on a worldwide scale, particularly with the success of its covid vaccine. Singh emphasised these skills. The two heads of state advocated for more cooperation between their countries in the fields of science and technology.

The minister emphasised the strong cooperation between India and the UK, which is reflected by the ambitious “Roadmap 2030,” which defines engagement across a variety of sectors, including health, climate, commerce, education, science and technology, and defence. The minister also mentioned how the two countries are working together to combat climate change. Singh shared with Freeman the news that, as a result of Modi’s leadership, the United Kingdom has emerged as India’s second-largest overseas research and innovation partner.

The proposal for the India-UK “Net Zero” Innovation Virtual Centre was supported by both ministers. This centre will facilitate collaboration between stakeholders from both countries to work on priority areas such as the decarbonization of manufacturing processes and transportation systems as well as green hydrogen as a renewable energy source.

Singh also emphasised India’s journey towards net zero, highlighting the significance of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the process. He spoke about India’s role as a leader in several programmes, including the India Solar Alliance and the Clean Energy Mission. As India celebrates its independence for the 75th year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh emphasised the significance of scientific and technology advancements in moulding the country’s future. During the course of the discussion, both of the leaders advocated for the establishment of new collaborative research and development projects in fields like as the health of farmed animals and the dangers posed by solid Earth.

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