Thursday, June 8, 2023

Furnitech is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a manufacturer of upholstered furniture in India.

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Furnitech, India’s most prominent manufacturer of high-end upholstered furniture, has recently become 25 years old, and in order to commemorate this momentous occasion, the firm has disclosed its long-term strategy. When it comes to leveraging cutting-edge technology to develop new and improved methods of providing service to consumers located all over the world, the company has always been one step ahead of the competition. During the course of its history, Furnitech has grown to encompass a number of distinct subsidiaries under its own brand. The upscale Casa Meraki, Signature, Iris, Collab, and OTS collections are sold through the businesses known as Furniture Luxe, Mint Homez, and Furniture Station.

The company’s key priorities have always included the most effective utilisation of available resources, the generation of no waste, environmentally responsible production, and sustained expansion. The company’s key objectives are to minimise its carbon footprint to the greatest extent possible and to make use of only materials that are both harmless to the environment and durable. ZED has given its approval to Furnitech (Zero Defect Zero Effect). This certification is granted by the Indian government to organisations that can demonstrate that their goods are free from flaws and do not harm the surrounding environment. In addition, Furnitech has stated that it would be providing a maintenance programme for all of its existing clients in honour of the company’s 25th year in business. The business has high aspirations to considerably expand its production capacity over the course of the next few years, and it intends to accomplish this goal with the assistance of cutting-edge production facilities and high-end products.

Dhawal Shah, Managing Director of Furnitech Seating Systems India Pvt. Ltd., said, “It has been an unbelievable journey of 25 years, and we have impeccably adapted to the consumer expectations over these years.” As a company, we have made it a top priority to concentrate on the requirements of our customers, and this strategy has enabled us to dominate both the domestic and international markets for the creation of upholstered furniture in India. We have always made it a point to ensure that the exceptional ergonomics, eco-friendly materials, and beautiful elements of all of our collections are given first priority. We would want to take this time to express our gratitude to all of our devoted customers, dealers, franchise owners, and members of our team who have worked so diligently to ensure the success of this journey.

The growing number of fashion-conscious housewives in Pune are the target audience for the 30,000 square foot Furnitech showroom and Experience Centre in that city. You’ll find the best collection of couches, coffee tables, recliners, lounge chairs, dining sets, and beds there for dwellings ranging from moderately priced to luxuriously priced, as well as for public areas such as airports, hotels, and businesses. Customers are now able to swiftly locate any one of more than ten thousand products that fall into a wide variety of furniture categories thanks to the cutting-edge improvements that have been implemented by the company. The company has become a dominant force in the worldwide furniture industry thanks to its participation in global alliances and its commitment to expansion.

One of the most fruitful endeavours for Furnitech’s expansion has been the company’s recent venture into the franchise business with regard to its high-end brand, Furniture Luxe. At the moment, the business operates five furniture experience centres in the cities of Pune, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Aizawl, and Indore respectively. After receiving an enormous amount of interest in the Furniture Luxe franchise business, the company has decided to make preparations to extend its presence across the country, namely in large metropolitan areas as well as tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Furnitech is the only firm in India to have been awarded the Cedex accreditation, and the company is also a proud member of MSME India, Round Table, AFMT, and AFMI India. With 25 years of industry experience, cutting-edge technology such as CRM and IVR software, automated manufacturing, an advanced supply chain system, and highly guaranteed products, the company has developed a world-class display to serve the needs of Indian households and businesses.


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