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99% of pedestrians in India face injury risks due to the dangers of walking.

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In India, one in ten traffic-related fatalities involve pedestrians, therefore up to 99% of pedestrians are at danger of injury, according to a report by Bosch Ltd. According to a report based on an accident record of more than 6,300 cases from the Road Accident Sampling System for India (RASSI), there were 29,200 pedestrian fatalities in India in 2021, surpassing the total number of road fatalities in the entire European Union and Japan. Another 60,000 pedestrians were injured.

“Rural roads account for one pedestrian fatality every two accidents. However, compared to rural roadways, the danger of pedestrian fatalities is relatively lower in urban and semi-urban regions, according to a statement from Bosch Ltd.

The report highlights the need for efficient road safety measures and a multifaceted strategy to improve traffic safety in India, according to Bosch India’s Principal Advisor for the Road Safety, Future Mobility, and Expert Accident Research, Girikumar Kumaresh. “Pedestrian safety is now an important component of road safety, and the high rate of pedestrian accidents in India is concerning,” Kumaresh continued.

According to the survey, human error accounts for 91% of pedestrian accidents in India, with infrastructure accounting for 63% and vehicle-related variables accounting for 44%.

Each of the three causes of the catastrophe has some bearing on the other two. All three elements will frequently be the main contributors, it stated. “Therefore, it is necessary to establish a holistic approach to problem solving in order to reduce pedestrian accidents.” Nearly 12% of pedestrians cross halfway and stop in the middle of the road to let the vehicle to pass on the other lane, according to the report’s observations of Indian incidents.

In contrast to the west, where drivers will stop their cars and let pedestrians cross the street, in India, people will stop and let cars pass. According to the survey, daytime accidents pose a greater risk to pedestrians in India than do nighttime incidents, with 52% of accidents occurring during the day.

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