Friday, March 31, 2023

Since India’s independence, the literacy rate among women has risen by 68%.

According to LiveMint, India’s female literacy rate has improved by 68%, from 9% at the time of Independence to 77% at the present. The World Bank reports that in the years leading up to India’s independence, only one in eleven females could read and write. In India, male literacy is at 84.7% right now.

According to LiveMint’s citing of a National Sample Survey report, Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India (92.2%). Lakshadweep, a union territory, came in second with a literacy rate of 91.85%. Mizoram comes in third with 91.33 percent. When compared to the rest of India, Bihar has the lowest literacy rate at 61.8%. Similarly low results were found in Arunachal Pradesh (65.3%) and Rajasthan (66.1%).

Overall, 12.6% of pupils drop out of elementary school and 19.8% from high school.

The survey found that the prevalence of early marriage and the lack of recognition of the importance of girls’ education contributed considerably to the high dropout rates among female students. The literacy rate in urban regions in India has increased more quickly than in rural areas. Comparatively, the literacy rate in urban India is 84.11%, whereas it is only 67.77% in rural areas.

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