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How the IIT-K contributes to the expansion of the “laddoo” company

Laddoos, one of our most traditional desserts, are getting a makeover from the food scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur in the form of a more nutritious version of the traditional treat.

These organic laddoos are made by 150 farmer families, and they are now available for purchase in 22 cities across India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Indore, amongst others.

IIT-K is involved in the laddoos’ production all the way from quality control to packing to distribution.

In addition to the confection, the premier institute participates in the “Unnati” project, which assists farmer families in the marketing and sale of nutritious “hareera” (a nourishing beverage) in multiple states.

This project’s chairperson, Rita Singh, was quoted as saying, “The students at the institute were the first to recognise the delicacy’ potential for gaining popularity. We started selling laddoos, which are prepared from alsi (flax seeds), til (white and black sesame seeds), and gond (edible gum), in numerous places as the demand increased. Now that we are looking to grow the firm into international markets, we are seeking the assistance of our former pupils who have relocated outside of the country.”

It has been eight years since the Unnati project was initiated in Kanpur’s Bithoor region’s five villages with the goals of promoting scientific agriculture and providing quality education to the children of the area through the use of smart classes.

About 150 farmer families from 10 neighbouring districts have signed on to participate in the effort over the course of the past year.

In addition to that, the institute’s scientists have been working to raise awareness among farmers about the benefits of organic farming.

“The farmers were going to be educated on natural farming practises, small food processors, and customers, as well as technology. Of course, we also want to make sure that our time-honored recipes aren’t lost “added Rita.

The institute has ambitious goals for the organic produce market, with the goal of bringing the greatest possible benefits to the farmers.

IIT-K is also utilising the blockchain technology in order to assist in the expansion of the firm.

“Customers will be able to view the farm or home where the food supply they are purchasing was created with the assistance of the blockchain technology. We got our start in the organic products business by selling items via WhatsApp, but we’re ready to take things to the next level. The procedure in its entirety is undergoing simplification. Under the brand name Unnati, our goods will be made available to customers. This will be of tremendous assistance to the farmers “Rita added.

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