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Dr. Vivek, an ENT specialist, works hard to ensure that people are well.

Physicians are no less than God, claims a well-known text. The profession of a doctor is one of the most revered because they save lives.

A name must be mentioned when discussing medical experts who inspire.

He is Dr. Vivek Pathak, a renowned surgeon and professor in the ENT department of Sharda University and Sharda Hospital.

In 2013, Dr. Vivek completed his MS degree at Assam Medical College.

Dr. Vivek graduated from Dibrugarh University with an MBBS degree. and graduated from Srimanata Shankaradeva University with a Masters (ENT) in 2013.

Although though teaching is his area of specialty, he is well known for carrying out many ear, nose, and throat procedures.

At Kailash Hospital, he began his work as an ENT consultant. He provided the best care possible for the patients while working there for years, earning a good name and reputation.

Afterwards, he joined Sharda University’s Medical Sciences and Research department as an assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology. He kept working there and was given a promotion to senior resident in the same division. He worked there for four years.

As an associate professor now, Dr. Vivek is in charge of the department of ENT and head and neck surgery. He has a total of 7 years of extensive expertise teaching grads and postgraduates. He is the most skilled surgeon at Sharda hospitals and handles all ENT-related operations.

Micro-ear surgery is something that Dr. Vivek is really interested in and keeps learning more about. His curiosity extends to endoscopic sinus surgery, a specialty in which he has had numerous successful surgeries.

Dr. Vivek has received numerous prominent honours and medals at this young age, including the Rashtriya Pratibha Samman and the Young Achievers Award. Also, he has received recognition through international prizes like the 2015 Max Planck Research Award in ENT from the United States’ International Agency for Standards and Ratings. This serves as a very admirable testament to the abilities and accomplishments of Dr. Vivek.

Dr. Vivek benefits from participation in some esteemed organisations and groups, including

European Society of Rhinology
UP state AOI, NEBAO, American Rhinology Society, Association of Otorhinolaryngologists India, and many other prestigious organisations.
These days, Dr. Vivek has opened his own medical facility in Noida called Doxtreat Healthcare, where he works with other like-minded medical professionals that specialise in the eye, ear, and nose fields. He offers the patients services of the highest calibre. Dr. Vivek has a connection to Noida’s Kailash Hospital.

Dr. Vivek has a stellar reputation in both research and presentation. His numerous research publications have been widely acclaimed in the ENT area of the medical community. Among these are a few papers and presentations worth mentioning:

National Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Vol. 1(10) No. 1, April 2013, “Treatment of Haemangioma of E.N.T. and Head and Neck Area with Inj. Polidocanol.”
A case report from the National Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery’s Vol. 1(10) No. 2 in August 2013 describes an unusually big styloid that caused neck edoema.
A cross-sectional research published in the International Journal of Contemporary Medicine describes hearing loss in students (January 2014).
Sino-nasal polyposis: a clinicopathological investigation conducted by an institution
Malignant melanoma of the sinuses only sometimes presents
Since they save people’s lives, doctors are, as was previously stated, the visible God on earth. By never refusing to aid anyone in need, Dr. Vivek firmly believes and demonstrates the need for doctors to set an example for society. Dr. Vivek is a model of excellence and a highly sought-after physician in the medical community who is continually striving to offer his patients the best care possible.

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