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We invited Kunj Channe, an entrepreneur and the founder of Securago Car Design Research Academy private limited, to conduct an interview with us as part of this attempt.

This is an interview with securago vehicle Design Research Academy private limited founder and entrepreneur Kunj Channe.

What can you tell us about yourself?

Mr. Kunj Channe I am SCDR PVT LTD’s founder and director. We specialise in automotive design research and development. Additionally, I am an entrepreneur, CEO, marketer, project researcher, automotive designer, expert industrial trainer, CAD master, and storyteller.

The best and most prominent example of made in India is the success story of my life and the CSDR PVT LTD company.

In addition to having a master’s degree in computer-aided design from Delhi University’s Design Multimedia Centre, I also have expertise in mechanical and automotive design.

I’ve done research in every technical sector imaginable. I looked into 4600 pieces of both new and antique machinery using a variety of tools and technology.

I have looked into the auto industry. research on contemporary technologies is similar. My family is made up of ten people, and my two brothers and I both own businesses. whose name is SECURAGO CAR DESIGN RESEARCH ACADEMY PVT LTD (SCDR PVT LTD).

At the age of 22, I was able to start my own business because my father had the unwavering belief that I was capable of realising his ambitions.

How did you come up with the concept for your company?

Kunj Channe: Only two persons deserve credit for my shift from a professional to a businessman. My father is the first; he has been the main source of my inspiration for becoming the person I am today. because I fulfilled my father’s dream, which was important.

He instilled in me the principles of independence and self-reliance when I was a child. being raised. He gave me the confidence to tackle my worries head-on and pursue my aspirations.

My father always told me to have faith in myself if I wanted to do anything in life. The aim cannot be accomplished if you do not have confidence in yourself.

My father didn’t have enough money when I was born because we were a poor household and I needed to get my higher education.

Due to a shortage of funds, I had to stop my higher education programme before finishing it. I worked hard to get my education back on track, and at the age of 22, I launched a profitable business.

Dev Channe, my older brother, is the second individual and the founder and director of SCDR PVT LTD. He always instilled a passion for achievement.

He always taught me to prepare current business tasks as a mentor. He sticks by me through every difficulty so that we can tackle it together.

What products or services does Securago Car Design provide?
Mr. Kunj Channe We work on mechanical and automotive projects where any kind of product can be designed.

Our offerings are:

Automotive Interior Design Automotive Exterior Design Automotive Autocad Product Design and 3D Design

Luxury and Motor Home Van Modification Luxury Business Van Modification

Engine component research and styling

Clay modelling for automobiles

4WD Rendering Process Mechanical design research project including many projects, product validation, and support

Electrical modelling

Perspective Design Work & Random Design Work Wiring Harness Ev- Projects for

Automotive Systems

Internship in Design Professional Training

What sets Securago Car Design apart?

Products from SCDR PVT LTD contribute to the expansion of both the automotive industry and technology. By promoting new designs and features through our products, we simultaneously contribute to the market’s growing need for new products and designs. It is our duty to provide excellent client service.

Our services and products, which include research on several projects and parts in the automotive and mechanical industries to find new cars and create the futuristic car of the future, all work in tandem with the sales of this product to help the company be more widely known.

Our mission is to continuously work to make our clients’ life easier through enjoyable interactions and to provide them with support so that they can complete the assignments that come next.

Completely created product solutions, according to SCDR PVT LTD, allow all industrialists increase their sales more quickly and with less work.

The fact that we consistently meet all of our goals shows how much the team and designers contribute to our success.

My business has had success conducting business with roughly six different nations, and as a result, the company’s product is now well-known all over the world.

Why did you decide to pursue car design?

Because it was my father’s desire, Kunj Channe said, “I was always eager to invent some new technology.”

I used to frequently wonder if all different kinds of vehicles were currently being introduced to the market. then they must to be reasonably priced for everyday people and have decent design?

I began researching my new equipment and studying foreign technology after keeping this in mind.

I also have a reputation as the best designer for numerous significant contributions to progress. My appreciation for car design has increased over time.

Making fresh ideas and creations piqued my interest. I have spent many years conducting research projects on it and construct the greatest designs for everything from many vehicles to large industry equipment.

Today, we collaborate on new projects by connecting with businesses from all across the country and the world.

My efforts just today allowed the Securago company to get a significant market share. that is why I chose this line of work.

What did you set out to accomplish?

Every business owner and industrialist, no matter how big or small, is attempting to use technology to create just equal chances in the market, according to Kunj Channe.

With the help of this business, we have been able to draw clients, offer them competent, unmonitored service, and win their fair portion of revenue.

My goal is to create a product that can be helpful. customers and travelling companions with us.

Building global record brands is our second goal.

How big is the Securago Car Design staff?

We have more than 250 staff, says Kunj Channe. About 350 newcomers have become successful thanks to the training we provided through our organisation.

What aims does Securago Car Design have?

Our aim is to enhance the Indian automobile industry and elevate all of its brands to a global level, according to Kunj Channe. Including the new creativity in all of my company’s designs and products. This is the sole objective.

My primary objective is to create this company’s brand as a household name on a global scale. We want to establish our leadership in the entire industry and are constantly able to strengthen the automotive sector.

How can you create a thriving consumer base?

Mr. Kunj Channe Our goal is to give our clients the tools they need to provide excellent service, attract more clients, and increase profits.

Helping customers succeed builds goodwill for our products and brand in the market, which enables us to develop a solid and expanding base of high-transaction customers.

What mistakes have you made in the past and what have you learned from them?
All entrepreneurs have failed at some point, according to Kunj Channe, because it helps us continue to grow. Being a startup, we must daily learn from our mistakes or failures.

In the beginning, my business faced certain difficulties, but I never stopped, I just continued going.

When we made little adjustments to the product based on quick fixes recommended by some clients, we gained new knowledge.

Which person has most inspired you?

Mr. Kunj Channe Many industrialists have affected me, and as a result, I am now a prosperous entrepreneur.

I now understand that numerous people, ranging from influential figures to powerful businessmen, have shaped who I am now.

Every single one of them has taught me something new, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

My father and my older brother Dev, though, are the two persons who have actively shaped me.

While my father pushed me to overcome my concerns, my older brother Dev assisted me in adjusting to challenging situations and shifting needs and demands.

Which of your blunders do you consider to be the worst?

The process of gaining experience for each person, according to Kunj Channe, involves continuously learning from one’s own missteps or mistakes.

We have been able to establish our brand as a household name in the industry today because of a few missteps.

It took us some time to realise that we needed multiple teams for various product and design kinds, which is why we are now exploring our product in new technology.

In the beginning, we failed to improve the teams’ and all the designers’ talents.

I knew at that time that this are back as a problem for us to face, from the founder of the company to the entire team. At that time we hit al the targets. we were able to complete the challenge as we believe in ourselves.

But now, as far as i am aware, we are proudly the only paid company in the country to invest heavily on training teams and explore new job profiles with them. that’s what we got to learn from our mistakes.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Kunj Channe: The business you start, then first of all focus your goal, remember for which you started it will help you to move forward.

Does Securago Car Design help the community or society?

Kunj Channe: Preparing everyone to lead a good life is the biggest contribution any corporate can invest in.

I firmly believe that there are many people in our country who are ready to work hard and need an opportunity to prove their skills and strength. that’s why we always stand in support of youth.

However, the biggest drawback has been the lack of education. some poor children’s who need education but they fail to complete their education due to money condition.

We have only one goal that education should be more important so that every child is successful in realizing their dreams.

This is where, we at SCDR PVT LTD are working hard to find out fresh talent, upskill them and then create earning good opportunities for them in cities and rural areas.

We hope you find the inspiring interview of Kunj Channe useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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