“Life has meaning only if you do what’s meaningful to you…” This is the ethos that I live by and it is my vision to progress ahead overcoming ever obstacles and making it a challenge fulfilled. I am Jyoti Dadlani and I am a woman, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a daughter and many other roles above and beyond that define me.

I am the founder of Cerebro Vocational Planet and today, I stand here with over 18 glorious years of experience in enhancing human capabilities & skills through behavioural sciences and techniques. Our core areas of work are counselling & psychotherapy- relationship management, stress & psychological disorder management, POSH & diversity regulation enabler, mental health awareness, training for personal excellence.

Early childhood, I was fortunate to have been bestowed with a growth conducive environment and studied Psychology as my majors even when my father was suffering from heart conditions and amnesia. Friendships were few and my mother was helping my father with hospital rounds. In the later years, my mother also suffered from dementia which was tough on me. However, all that time I had to myself, permitted me to work on myself.

Empower myself and shaping my timid personality and sharpen it to become the woman I am today. I went on to do my MS in Psychology with my secret to success being that… You alone hold the key to your happiness. This is my motto for life. I have authored a book ‘I am perfect too’ and had the honour of being bestowed with the Dadasaheb Phalke Cine & Social Awards for my contribution to spreading awareness for the prevention of sexual harassment. Today I stand as an external member of ICC for over 15 companies. A few other select awards include MUMO Committee award in the field of psychology and accolade for external work at Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College. I have been a key note speaker at FAMILIES ANONYMOUS and Thought Leadership Summit & Awards at WEE.

Having started life from a one room office seemed tough and the trickle of clients was meagre initially but I strongly believe that there is always hope. All my savings and investments were pooled in to start my practice. But when the journey is long, my conviction and passion came alive to ensure that I relentlessly worked at every aspect of what I did. Not just actual work, but like every other budding entrepreneur, I was working on marketing, research, operations, client servicing and every other aspect of a service industry led offering. Dalmia College was one big break I was looking for. It enabled me to access a larger audience.

Soon I had touched more than 10,000 lives with clients from all walks of life, genres – professionals, corporates, teenagers, home makers and beyond. What blossomed over the next decade was my confidence and my essence and purpose which was to help people live life better. Over time, with my personal and professional experiences, I realized how I could be fundamental in helping people cope with emotional distress infused with compassion and science making it my career. The ability to make someone smile gives me immense pleasure. This is not just my faith, but my brand’s philosophy too.

One key take away working with numerous individuals in the personal or professional / corporate structure, over the years at the core has been that every individual must understand themselves and hold the power to create happiness and live life to the fullest by themselves by loving and respecting themselves first no matter what their position or stature. Infact we have been honoured to have had the onus of training senior level leaders in the corporate world and individuals in management positions irrespective of my age, given my deep rooted experience in the industry for years. This is the USP of working with us at of Cerebro Vocational Planet.

We empower you to become this individual first and then facilitate you with techniques to live with freedom of making choices in life that are ideal for you. As a mentor & facilitator my prime focus is to unlock the highest potential which will ultimately maximise my client’s performance in professional & personal space. Considering success as a wholesome aspect, I help professionals replenish their life skills which includes mastering various aspects of life such as thought management, intrapersonal relationships, health and profession. And if we are happy individually, we will keep our environment positive and an optimistic environment leads to a progressive nation and a better planet. Our USP at Cerebro is a pot pourrie of mentorship, guidance, coaching and training that allows us to aid clients to focus on the bigger picture enhancing their individual potential, performance and wellbeing.

Another milestone for me was helping develop a SoP and compliance for companies to include the POSH Act – Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace for Women. This includes all aspects of the module including drafting the policy, employee awareness trainings to filing annual returns. To support this cause, I also run an independent blog from which articles have been featured on prominent platforms like Fox Interviewer, Entrepreneur Stories and many more.

The latest addition to our offerings at Cerebro is our specialization in the arena of diversity inclusion. Every corporate structure is evolving and making their work environments friendly to individuals from numerous walks of life that are well qualitied and deserve to hold a dignified corporate position. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three closely linked values held by organizations that are working to be supportive of different groups of individuals, including people of different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations. Some arenas here are: Race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, veteran status, people with disabilities.

At Cerebro, we embraced the trend shift in technology post pandemic and have also recently launched our e-learning module on courses for- mental health, relationship management, the sexual harassment of women at workplace (prevention, prohibition, and redressal) Act. This is one key point I would like to share with all start-ups. Technology is a game changer and it is best to use to its full potential. Do not shy away from learning about new trends and embrace it as a natural way of life and evolve your business modules by pivoting to your best potential.

If there was one major personal challenge I had to talk about over the years, that I have overcome with a lot of learning and time professionally, is to keep the business going during the pandemic. Online training without physical meetings was a one of its kind experience. Training hundreds of sensitive individuals over electronic media was a disrupter. But I took it in our stride and can now execute it effortlessly.

All in all, I conclude by addressing the fact that life seems like a tough journey for one and all in our own unique ways, but accepting every challenge and working on it is the key solution. If I had to start all over again… I do not regret anything I have faced over time. I would have encompassed all my learnings in my life and progressed ahead towards a better tomorrow.

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