Monday, June 5, 2023

Women Prioritise Physical, Mental, and Financial Health, According to Deloitte Report

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Despite progress, Deloitte’s “Women @ Work: A Global Outlook” report found that some workplace factors have worsened for women in the past year. 5,000 women from 10 nations, including 500 from India, were surveyed.

The report showed high worldwide and Indian stress and burnout. However, the youngest workers are most comfortable discussing mental health at work, which is encouraging. The research recommended using this generation to build powerful peer-to-peer mental health champion networks.

Women report better hybrid working experiences than previous year. Still, more women in India working in hybrid environments are reporting a lack of predictability (28 percent vs 15 percent in 2022), flexibility (32 percent vs 13 percent), and clarity around their employer’s expectations than last year. From 10% in 2022 to 36% in 2023, respondents feel they are expected to go to work despite pledges regarding flexibility and choice.

The report also found that 59 percent of Indian women report being solely responsible for childcare, cleaning, and other domestic activities, compared to 46 percent and 42 percent elsewhere. 40% of women who are major or equal breadwinners still care for children, and 35% clean and handle other household chores.

The survey indicated that many working women had menstruation and menopause health issues. More than 33% work despite menstrual discomfort and 18% menopausal symptoms. 25% of women took time off without telling anyone.

Deloitte’s “Gender Equality Leaders” have developed truly inclusive workplaces that support careers, work/life balance, and inclusion for the third year.

Women who work for Gender Equality Leaders are five times more likely to promote their companies to friends and family than those who work for lagging firms. According to the survey, being an inclusive and supportive firm offers real benefits for talent attraction, engagement, and retention.

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