Sustainability in fashion is gathering importance as the fashion consumer base opts for more environmentally conscious and durable products. If you want to learn everything there is to know about sustainable fashion, here are five online courses you can enrol in.

Sustainable Fashion According to the Copenhagen Business School

This online course on Sustainable Fashion consists of videos, readings, and exams in each section of the four-week-long lessons. The course is offered by the Copenhagen Business School, which is coincidentally located in the world’s most sustainable fashion capital. In addition to an introductory lesson, the curriculum includes lessons on three essential concepts of sustainable fashion, sustainable business models in fashion, and circular economy in fashion. In addition, the course is free and completion results in a certificate.

Fashion Revolution’s Fashion’s Future and the Sustainable Development Goals

Fashion Revolution, a non-profit fashion activism movement, offers this free four-week course with certification upon completion. Its primary objective is to illuminate how one can develop a comprehension of global garment supply chains, sustainable development goals, and how they are interconnected with the fashion industry. The course also incorporates direct instruction from a number of reputable organisations, including Greenpeace, Clean Clothes Campaign, Fairtrade Foundation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and UNICEF, among others.

Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World: Fashion and Sustainability by London College of Fashion
The six-week, free Fashion and Sustainability course at the London College of Fashion is designed as an introduction to fashion sustainability and its overall impact. Why sustainability is important in fashion, contextualising sustainability for a changing world, material dimensions: procurement for luxury fashion, informed decision making: tools and methods, and creative possibilities and creative realisation in sustainable fashion are among the topics covered. This course is intended for fashion industry professionals, fashion educators, and anyone interested in sustainability in the fashion industry. This paid course comes with a certificate for $64 if you choose to upgrade.

Who Created My Clothing? According to the University of Exeter

This free online course from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom focuses on clothing origin awareness. It covers topics such as an introduction to various garment-making techniques, how to use this knowledge to influence the fashion industry, gaining knowledge and practical skills for considering our global economy, and who produces our clothes. It takes more than three weeks to complete the course, which was developed in collaboration with the non-profit global movement Fashion Revolution. The course is free and accessible to enrollees for five weeks; however, for $64 you can receive a certificate and unlimited access until the course is made available on the platform.

Responsible Fashion by Marangoni Istituto
This six-week online course costs £2,700 and is intended for aspiring or new designers. This course concentrates on responsible fashion design principles, alternative design, and production systems. It also instructs participants on how to create and implement a personalised design framework. Overall, the course teaches participants about new technologies to improve sustainability, as well as past values and the natural world that can be used to improve sustainability in the apparel industry. In addition to certification, the course includes additional workshops and seminars, where applicable, and is very thorough, lasting 45 hours over six weeks (three days per week).

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