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Electric Vehicle Shipping Is Konica Minolta’s New ‘Go Green’ Initiative

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To lessen its environmental impact, multifunctional printer industry leader Konica Minolta India is now using electric cars for local deliveries. Its long-term environmental goals include lowering carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, so this is in line with those targets. The business not only collects discarded multifunction printers and multifunction copiers from clients and recycles them for reuse as raw materials, but it also uses rechargeable battery-based engines, which have low running and maintenance expenses. Intelligent Connected Workplace Services are just one example of how Konica Minolta is putting money into cutting-edge technology in order to boost productivity and safety in the workplace while reducing waste, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

Replacement of gas-powered delivery vans with electric ones

Multifunctional printer industry leader Konica Minolta has begun making local deliveries of small machines and supplies to customers in Delhi, Noida, Cochin, and Guwahati using electric vehicles. As a means of meeting client demands while minimising its carbon footprint, the company is switching to two- and three-wheeled vehicles. CEO Katsuhisa Asari thinks it’s important to be environmentally conscious in all aspects of life and work.

Conservation Objectives, the Transition to Electric Vehicles, and the Long Term
Including electric vehicles into the transportation sector is a positive development towards a more sustainable global society. Vehicles powered by rechargeable batteries offer low operating and maintenance costs and produce no harmful emissions. A sustainable future is a long-term objective for Konica Minolta. Under Eco-Vision 2030, it aims to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 and by 80% by 2050. Used multifunction printers (MFPs) and copiers (printers) from consumers are collected, recycled, and put back into production as raw materials.

Chance to reduce environmental impact

The Managing Director of Konica Minolta India, Katsuhisa Asari, has indicated that the company’s goals for this project include lessening the company’s negative effects on the environment and establishing a more environmentally friendly reputation. He claims that, at Konica Minolta, they try to be environmentally conscious in all that they do. With the help of the public, the shift to environmentally friendly modes of transportation has gone off without a hitch.

One of Japan’s largest conglomerates

With nearly 150 years of experience in the industry, Konica Minolta is one of Japan’s most prestigious global corporations. Enterprise printing solutions and the ECM sphere are where it really shines. Throughout the past 11 years, the company has been actively serving the printing and document solution needs of Indian corporations through its direct operations in India, one of the company’s more than 150 international markets. For the sake of a Society 5.0 revolution, Konica Minolta is funding research and development in cutting-edge areas like Advanced Monitoring, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Workplaces, Analytics, and Deep Learning.

Support for increased efficiency and long-term viability on the part of the client

Intelligent Connected Workplace (ICW) Services are available from Konica Minolta, and they help businesses make better use of their printing infrastructure by addressing the complexity that arise from a wide range of user needs. The outcome is not just a decrease in print expenses, but an increase in user productivity alongside perks like increased security and reduced environmental impact as well. In a nutshell, Konica Minolta’s ICW product line aids clients in reducing waste, saving money, and protecting the planet while increasing efficiency, output, and safety.

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