Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Meta cuts ties with top Indian executives in final phase of layoff

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The year-long layoff saga at Meta appeared to have no end in sight. In its latest development, the company underwent a substantial reduction, resulting in the termination of nearly 10,000 employees, including top Indian Executives. Furthermore, Meta implemented staff downsizing in its privacy and integrity units. Employees from various departments such as marketing, site security, enterprise engineering, program management, content strategy, and corporate communications took to LinkedIn to share news of their layoffs.

Surabhi Prakash, a Business Engineer at Meta, expressed mixed emotions on LinkedIn after being laid off by the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. She shared her feelings, saying, “Sad it ended but glad it happened, The anxiousness is over finally.”

The impact of these job cuts on different departments and operations has been substantial, forming part of a broader strategy unveiled in March to eliminate a total of 10,000 positions. According to a Reuters report, notable employees affected by the layoffs include Avinash Pant, the director of marketing for India, and Saket Jha Saurabh, the director of media partnerships.

Meta downsized its staff in privacy and integrity units. Employees from marketing, site security, enterprise engineering, program management, content strategy, and corporate communications have shared news of their layoffs on LinkedIn.

Yoonhwan Kim, an Enterprise Engineer at Meta, revealed that he received the layoff notice at 4:30 am, which caused him to lose sleep due to concerns about his job security. He mentioned being aware of layoff rumours since February, and Meta’s official announcement in March confirmed his fears. Since then, he has been anxious about being included in the latest round of Meta layoffs.

In his LinkedIn post, he reflected on the arduous two-month period of waiting, sharing how he experienced sleepless nights leading up to the decisive moment. With anxiety, he would repeatedly glance at his phone, hesitant to check his work email, anticipating any correspondence that might have arrived in his professional account. At approximately 4:30 am, an email from leadership appeared in his personal inbox, instantly signalling that he was among those affected by the layoff.

Aparna Rao D, a Candidate Channels partner, and Racha Agarwal, a Product Manager at Meta, among others, also took to LinkedIn to share their experiences of anxiety as they faced their first career layoff.

In early 2023, Meta took the lead as the first major technology company to initiate a second wave of layoffs. This decision came after the company had previously terminated nearly 11,000 employees. The company’s choice to downsize came during a period of decelerating revenue growth caused by inflation and a decline in digital advertising, stemming from the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had previously communicated that the second round of layoffs would be carried out in three phases, spanning several months, with the majority of the cuts expected to be finalized by May.

It is possible that smaller rounds of reductions may occur subsequently. The recent layoffs have primarily impacted non-engineering positions, underscoring the importance of engineering roles within Meta. Zuckerberg has expressed his intent to undergo significant restructuring of the business teams, aiming to achieve a more balanced ratio between engineers and other roles.

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