Hrithik Roshan, an Indian actor and fitness enthusiast, opened the first location of his workout business HRX in Mumbai today. Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment are co-owners of India’s first native fitness brand, HRX, which was founded by Hrithik Roshan.
The Mumbai store is the city’s first freestanding store, and it is located in Mumbai’s Phoenix Market City in the Kurla neighbourhood. It spans an area of 2600 square feet of real estate.

Shoppers can choose from over 500 different items across categories including apparel, footwear, accessories, fitness equipment, audio, nutrition, and personal care products. T-Shirts, Track Pants, Jackets, Sports Bras, Tights and Footwear are some of the prominent categories that HRX operates in. These categories cover the most recent fashion trends, fits, styles and seasonal colour palettes, and they are geared towards the cohorts of Gen Z and Millennials.

The store in Mumbai is the pioneering establishment of its sort. It is developed to extend the HRX experience offline, providing an integrated shopping experience inspired by Hrithik’s fitness journey to its active consumer base as well as daily athletes who follow the brand. This is done with the intention of attracting more people to the HRX brand. Be the best version of yourself was the inspiration behind the conception of this idea, which was conceived as an attempt to convey the central meaning of HRX. The atmosphere of the physical environment is intended to be a condensed version of an exciting workout space, both for the body and the mind. Within the context of Urban Scapes, this design encapsulates aspects of both indoor and outdoor workout routines, and expresses those aspects through the utilisation of distinct textures, colours, and relative components.

“HRX was built a decade ago as an online brand, offering comfortable and functional fitness apparel and accessories to encourage people across the country to pursue their everyday fitness goals,” Hrithik Roshan said at the debut of the HRX store in Mumbai. “HRX was built from the ground up to inspire people to pursue their everyday fitness goals.” After a long and winding road, we have finally arrived at this point, and I am overjoyed to announce the opening of our new store in Mumbai. The store is a physical manifestation of our website, and it offers customers a more individualised and intimate shopping experience.

We were able to open this store in Mumbai thanks to the significant amount of love and faith that the HRX community has for the brand, and we intend to keep moving forward with our ambitions to open many more stores. I have high hopes that customers will like shopping at HRX in-store as much as they enjoy shopping on Myntra, and I am confident they will enjoy all of our product choices.

The functional, technological, and fashionable product line offered by HRX enables customers to work towards their individual fitness objectives while also catering to the needs of fitness aficionados. In the year 2023, the company intends to open up an additional 12 stores in other locations such as Indore, Kochi, and Lucknow in addition to Pune.

About HRX:
HRX is a platform that was established in 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. Its purpose is to bring together people who have a common belief in the idea that each individual should strive to become the best possible version of themselves. HRX hopes to inspire one billion people to “be their hero.” With its ranges of sportswear and exercise accessories, HRX intends to bring about a sea change in the fitness landscape in India by positioning itself as an affordable and high-quality alternative to established international brands.

The X-factor is represented by the name, which suggests that an individual should challenge themselves to excel in order to attain the most favourable outcome. The company HRX intends to revolutionise the fitness scene in India by providing a value-for-money and high-quality alternative to products sold by worldwide brands. HRX is an example of a successful ‘Make in India’ story.

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