Happiness Bharat  is an award winning publishing digital platform that brings together women entrepreneurs, C-suite executives,  CEOs , Venture capitalists etc  from  various sectors. Our focus is concentrated on publishing inspirational success stories of business houses and innovations spread across the globe in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Happiness Bharat has been chosen as Top 10 Start Ups by Silicon Valley.


INSPIRE BHARAT is the window into the minds of the business leaders.
It features Women Entrepreneurs, professionals, start ups, investors, innovators, change makers stories.


Happiness Bharat brings inspirational articles, career tips etc to empower aspiring women and helps to enhance their knowledge, skills, confidence , enabling loans and help their dreams to blossom. Happiness Bharat is world’s largest responsible and  impact based content driven platform.


We enjoy a strong readership of powerful change makers and influential leaders across the globe who engage with us through our digital assets and live event platforms.


We value change makers, their  contribution and encourage inclusive cultures that allow them to achieve their ambitions. We’re here to celebrate the ‘ ChangeMakers ‘ , applaud their achievements, give the voice to the deserving and to empower, engage and elevate.


Happiness Bharat covers stories, news, opinions, data, and analysis about business developments that contribute to India’s  economy. It showcases exclusive curated content, meaningful conversations, new launches, VC funding, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, research and much more.


Happiness Bharat turns inspiration into Impact by sharing Empowering and Uplifting stories to influence masses.


Happiness Bharat offers various other products, tools and services which make it a perfect business ecosystem.